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16 Reasons Why MedSailors Is The Best Company To Sail the Mediterranean With

By Alicia Sharp
on  May 13, 2019

With thousands of islands to explore, the Mediterranean is not only a #bucketlist worthy destination but it is also the perfect destination to make some unforgettable summer sailing memories.

When planning a summer holiday sailing Croatia, Greece or other nearby paradise destinations, one of the first things you’re going to want to consider is which company is going to give you the very best experience.

We might be a little bias… but we think MedSailors is the absolute best way to get the most out of a Mediterranean sailing holiday.

Here are a few reasons why you definitely won’t regret booking your upcoming sailing holiday with MedSailors:

It’s The Perfectly Balanced Holiday

First things first, we know that you don’t want to leave your holiday feeling like you need another holiday or that you didn’t get to experience the best of the country you went to.

It is for this reason that we pride our holidays on being the perfect balance between adventure, local culture, partying and relaxing.

Our holidays are as much about spending time indulging in culture with the locals as it is about enjoying daily hang outs in the sea with your new besties. We’re all about having a good laugh and hitting the local bars in the evenings as much as we are about rising early to catch a beautiful sunrise sail.

It’s about making memories with new friends, experiencing the very best of the local culture and scenery in each destination, and ultimately getting the very best out of your sailing holiday.

We Sail… And You Can Choose Which Vessel You Want To Sail On

We’ve got the word ‘sailors’ in our name for a reason because we are passionate about the fact that sailing by yacht is the most epic way to explore the many islands of the Med.

We’ve got a yacht type to suit any type of traveller, with our Premier Plus yachts being the newest model monohulls, with a similar layout and size to our Premier yacht plus a little extra style and comfort. If you’re looking for extra space to get your tan on, our Catamarans offer the ultimate in space and comfort, with large sunbathing decks and a generous living area.

While you’ll find that many companies use larger gullet boats to explore the Mediterranean, we think the size of these vessels can be limiting to some epic exploring opportunities. The size of our yachts allows for daily stops at secluded, crystal-clear bays for lunch and a swim, which wouldn’t be reachable by gullet boat or foot.

You’ll Get To Explore The Very Best Spots

Get that bucket list ready… you’re going to have some serious ticking to do as you sail to a new destination every day!

Our itineraries are designed to ensure that you get to tick off all of the must-visit #bucketlist destinations while also exploring some extra special off-the-beaten-track locations to give you get a totally unique experience of your chosen Mediterranean destination.

Looking for some extra special off-the-beaten-track adventures? We sail around some incredible lesser-known gems including Turkey, Italy and Montenegro.

We Love The Locals

An important part of travelling through a new country is really getting to know the locals, their culture and unique ways of living life.

Whether it’s heading to a local, organic Croatian vineyard, enjoying local pancakes made by a Turkish couple on their boat or spending an evening at an authentic tarverna on a remote Greek island, we always try to give our guests the most authentic experience of their chosen destination, supporting the local communities and really getting to know their culture.

Small Flotilla Groups, Big Adventures

Each of our yachts can accommodate between 8 to 10 guests giving you the perfect sized family of new besties to spend your week with. You’ll be floating around in a flotilla of between 6 to 8 yachts, giving you plenty of opportunity to meet like-minded travellers from all over the world.

These smaller sized flotillas, compared to some companies that can have upwards of 50 yachts in a flotilla, makes for a more intimate holiday experience where you can get to know everyone. No doubt you’ll end your sailing holiday with lifelong friends that feel like family!

Don’t worry, the smaller size of our groups does not at all compromise the size of our adventures – if anything, these small groups make it easier to navigate around the epic destinations and get more fun-filled adventures ticked off in a day.

You’ll Sail with Like-Minded Travellers

Before you set sail, we’ll get you to fill out a small questionnaire so we can get to know you and the type of holiday you’re after.

This way we can group everyone on to yachts with guests that have similar interests, ages and ideas on the type of holiday they’re after so you’ll find yourself on a yacht full of like-minded adventures you’ll have a blast with.

Your Skipper Is Not Just There To Sail You From A To B

Not only are our skippers highly trained and knowledgeable in all things sailing, but they’ll also become a key part of your MedSailors family. Your skipper is there to hang out with you and have a good laugh, providing a key source of local knowledge on the best restaurant to hit for your evening meal or the best hill to climb for an epic sunrise view.

We also have Guest Experience Leaders on all of our flotillas whose job is to ensure that your sailing holiday is everything you want it to be and more, helping to organise activities and excursions around each of the new destinations.

You Can Learn A New Skill

Take advantage of your time sailing around the Med and hop on the chance to learn a new skill… like how to sail or how to tie a figure-8 knot!

Our skippers love to get the guests involved in the sailing experience and will be more than happy to show you the ropes.

Not that fussed on learning how to sail? You’re just as welcome to sit back, relax and learn the fine art of doing absolutely nothing at all – it’s your holiday and you get to choose how you want to spend it.

Breakfast And Lunch Are Included

Breakfast and lunch are included daily on your sailing holiday, prepped by your skipper with fresh, local ingredients.

This allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy some delicious meals between swims en route to the days new destination. It also means you don’t have to include the costs of groceries in your holiday budget nor have to waste energy thinking about what to eat or how to prepare it.

Once you’ve arrived at the days destination, it’s part of the holiday experience to get out and explore the new destination and some of its epic culture. Your skipper will be able to suggest a delicious local restaurant for you to head to for a bite and drink with your new boat mates. And trust us, the food in the Med is unreal so this is definitely something to look forward to!

It’s BYO drinks And Snacks

Yup, that’s right! You can bring your own booze and SCHANCKS onboard the boat.

Unlike some other companies that may make you buy everything from their own overpriced bar, you’ll be able to leave your holiday with a smile on your face and no hefty surprise bar tab to pay off.

You can head off on little excursions with your yacht friends to stock up on food and drinks from local stores, not only saving your pocket some money but also supporting the locals and giving you the chance to experience the stores.

Paddleboard and Snorkel Gear Provided

So you can splash around and explore each new bay however you please… and maybe even master the MedSailors paddleboard run!

The Best Part? It’s Your Holiday!

We design the holiday, and you get to make the memories.

We’ve put our years of knowledge on sailing, travel and the beautiful Med together to create epic holiday itineraries.

We understand that every traveller has their own idea of the ‘ideal’ holiday, which is why our holidays are designed to accommodate travellers of any type with freedom to choose which destination to sail, which boat to sail on and letting us take care of pairing you with other like-minded travellers.

We’ll have a stack of activity options lined up for you at every destination, but it’s up to you how you choose to spend your afternoons and evenings, letting your holiday pan out the way you want it to. Spend your afternoon hiking a hill for sunset before chilling out under the stars for a chat, or spend the afternoon exploring a local market before hitting the local nightlife with your new besties. There are always plenty of options to make this whatever holiday you make it to be!

Perfect for Solos, Couples, and Groups

Hire a full yacht with a group of friends, get a cabin with your bestie or grab a bunk as a solo traveller, the MedSailors holiday offers the perfect balance between social time and chill time to suit any style of traveller.

With plenty of opportunities to make friends at swim spots, punch parties, and meals out, and not too many people to feel like you can’t escape the crowds if you just want to chill, the MedSailors holiday can be as social or not social as you desire it to be.

6 Epic Destinations To Choose From

With routes that go through all those #bucketlist worthy spots, navigate around beautiful remote beaches or allow you to hike active volcanoes, there really is a MedSailors route for everyone!

So if you loved your MedSailors holiday to bits, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more routes for you to come back and experience.

All Of Our Holidays Are 7 Days Long

We’ve worked out that this is the perfect amount of time with a weekend either side to explore your start and finish locations too.

We have both Saturday and Sunday departures for our holidays so you have the flexibility to choose when best suits to set sail for your adventure.

We Care About the Ocean

As our place of work, rest and play, the team at MedSailors are deeply passionate about the ocean and the environment. We continue to do everything we can to help keep our oceans clean.

In 2018, we started our weekly #MedSailorsBeachClean which now involves numerous groups of skippers and guests hitting the beaches to do their part in collecting rubbish from beaches around the Med. It was these beach cleanups that opened our eyes to the tremendous amount of single-use plastics that can be found littering the Mediterranean’s paradise beaches.

There are a few ways we are actively working to lessen our impact on the issue of plastic pollution. For example, we provide our guests with eco-friendly ethically-produced tote bags, reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, and ask restaurants to avoid serving our guests drinks with single-use plastic straws.

To help eliminate the amount of unnecessary plastic waste entering the ocean we also started our massively successful Recycled Floatie Programme. With a recycled floatie stand available at check-in, we encourage our guests not to bring new floaties on their MedSailors holidays. Instead, we suggest they grab a recycled floatie for a small donation of which all proceeds go towards a local environmentally friendly charity.

Our pre-departure documents encourage our guests to consider the environment when prepping for their sailing trip. For example, we suggest they pack eco-friendly toiletries and bring a reusable water bottle. You can read all about our environmental efforts and join us in taking the pledge to help keep our oceans clean here.

Ready for an awesome summer? Live your best (boat) life and set sail with MedSailors this summer for the adventure of a lifetime!

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