MedSailors FAQ's: All Your Questions Answered

By MedSailors Crew published on 11 December 2019

We know that not everyone is an experienced MedSailor. We’ve all got to start somewhere, right? If you’ve never sailed with MedSailors before then there’s no doubt you probably have a fair few of questions running through your head. Never fear, you’re not alone!

To help you out, we’ve compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions to ensure you’re all set and ready to go for your upcoming sailing trip with MedSailors. Happy sailing!

How can I pay for my sailing holiday?

You can pay for your sailing holiday with a credit or debit card using your booking management page,, or see our bank details on the same page. All payments have to be made in EUR and please note that credit card payments incur a 2.85% fee.

Please make sure all transfer fees are taken into account when making payment via a bank transfer.

How much spending money do I need for my trip?

Spending money will vary across routes as destinations such as Croatia tend to be more expensive than Greece and Turkey.

As a suggestion for your evening meal and some drinks, MedSailors recommend allowing:

  • €25-€35 per day for Greece, Montenegro & Turkey.
  • €30-€40 per day for Croatia.

Do I need to have travel insurance?

Yes. We strongly recommend travel insurance in case of lost or damaged items or injury. All our sailing routes stay within 11km of land, so should be covered by most travel insurance policies, but do check with your provider.

What is the difference between Premier yachts, Superior MonoCats and Catamarans?

As the most affordable yachts, our Premier yacht is our standard option. The Superior MonoCats are our newest 2020 model monohull, and whilst having a similar layout and size as our Premier yachts they offer a more modern and comfortable space with large social areas and stylish interior, as well as a charging station and 360 sound system onboard.

Our range of Catamarans offer added space and comfort, with large sunbathing decks and a generous living area!

Check out the ‘Our Yachts’ page for more detailed images and descriptions of our Premier and Superior MonoCats as well as our Catamarans.

MedSailors guests in Croatia

Do I need to pay for my whole trip when I book?

No, to secure your booking we do require a deposit. The remaining balance will not be due until 12 weeks before your departure date and can be made in installments through our booking management system.

What is the Local Payment and how much does this cost?

Local payment covers your tourist taxes, marina and port fees and fuel for the week and is paid to directly to your skipper on the day of your departure.

The local payment amounts to approximately €95 for yachts & €100 for catamarans per person.

In Croatia this is 700 – 750 Kuna, in Greece and Montenegro this is €85 – €100 and in Turkey, this is 650 – 750 Turkish Lira.

I am travelling solo, who will be in my cabin?

We have lots of solo travellers join us every week at MedSailors! As a solo traveller, you will be accommodated in a twin single bunkroom with a guest of the same gender as you whenever possible, and we will ensure you are grouped with people of a similar age and demographic to yourself! We also have limited availability for a single private room on our Superior MonoCats.

Do I need to tip my Skipper?

Our skippers are there to look after you and ensure you have the best trip possible. If you feel they’ve succeeded in this regard then please feel free to tip them.

What if my trip is affected by the weather?

MedSailors considers your safety of the utmost importance. Certain weather conditions can result in a change in our itineraries in the interest of our guests’ safety. We’ll monitor the weather forecast closely for any weather that may cause last-minute changes to your holiday.

If this does happen, our Crew will endeavour to let you know of any possible disruption before departure and your Skipper will ensure you are well looked after and making the most of your trip!

If you have a question about MedSailors that isn’t covered in this blog or on our handy FAQ list feel free to send us an email at Our awesome customer service team has all the knowledge and will be more than happy to pass it on your way! See you in the Med soon ⛵

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