Most Relaxing Spots In The Saronic Islands

By MedSailors Crew published on 26 May 2017

We’re pretty into our activities at MedSailors, but we can also appreciate the pleasures of doing very little, especially when bathed in glorious Mediterranean sunshine and surrounded by some pretty special views. We know you’ll appreciate some rest and relaxation on your Saronic islands getaway, so allow us to share some of our favourite spots.

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Donkeys and Secluded Saronic Islands Coves

Hydra operates a strictly no motor vehicles allowed policy, ensuring this island paradise remains 100% relaxing 100% of the time. If you don’t fancy walking and your destination isn’t accessible by boat, your only other option is to travel by donkey. Yep, donkey. As well as getting to meet some ridiculously adorable furry friends, you can then while away your afternoon in one of the island’s secluded coves. And it doesn’t really get much better than that, does it?

A Stroll in Spetses

How does a walk along one of the island’s promenades sound, soaking in the sunshine and sea views before choosing your spot on one of the sandy beaches, only moving for snacks and the occasional swim in the crystal-clear ocean? Not bad, eh?

Aegina’s Charming Streets and Ancient Architecture

Taking it easy doesn’t have to mean spending your days on the beach, which is surprisingly difficult when there are so many intriguing narrow streets. Take in the impressive Ancient Temple of Athena Aphaia before making your way to a seaside village for a glass of wine and some fresh seafood.

Explore the World Beneath the Waves

The waters around Agistri are home to the spectacular shipwreck of the Avantis III. It’s sometimes easy to forget that a whole other world exists beneath the waves, and here you’ll have your chance to be part of it for a little while.

A MedSailors Favourite: Love Bay

The beautifully named Love Bay on Poros is a treat for all the senses. As well as looking ridiculously beautiful, it’s also surrounded by some of the fragrant pine forests the island is famous for. You’ll be relaxed and feel like a whole new person!

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