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Our Top 3 Travel Vlogs

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 09, 2017

Intrigued to find out what our trips are all about? Then why not watch a few of our favourite MedSailors travel vlogs!

Brogan Tate XO – MedSailors: A Trip of a Lifetime | Greece Sailing Vlog ’16

Blogger: Brogan Tate

Route Sailed: Greece

You can read Brogan’s full trip review here.

Wanderlust Chloe – Sailing Around Croatia with MedSailors

Blogger: Wanderlust Chloe

Route Sailed: Croatia Discovery

Want to find out more about Wanderlust Chloe’s Croatia sailing trip, check out her full review on the Huffington Post.

I Am Aileen – Summer Fun: Sailing Around Croatia in a Yacht with MedSailors (Split to Dubrovnik⛵)

Blogger: I Am Aileen

Route Sailed: Croatia Voyager

Click here for I Am Aileen’s full travel guide and review of our Croatia Voyager sailing trip.


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