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Sailing Croatia from Dusk Till Dawn

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 20, 2015

Situated south of Split, the famed island of Hvar is perfect for tourists of all interests and inclinations. And although history buffs will be kept more than busy by the many significant architectural features and rich past of the island, the real reason Hvar has become so revered amongst globe-trotters over the past decade is something far more modern.
Sailing in Croatia - Enjoying Beer with Friends
Indeed, Hvar is now not only considered to be one of Croatia’s top party destinations but one of the most exciting across the whole of Europe. So what makes it so special?
Let’s start with the near-flawless surroundings of the island’s many nightspots. With perfect examples of the famed blue seas and sandy beaches to be seen when sailing Croatia’s coast, the tranquillity of Hvar’s daylight hours means it is the perfect place to relax and reload following any excesses enjoyed the night before.

Understandably, nightlife on the island reaches its peak as the temperatures do the same, and during the summer months locals rename the area “the town that never sleeps”. But there is something to be enjoyed all year round, with the variety of nightspots changing to suit the seasons. From restaurants to pubs and taverns to clubs, it is no wonder that Hvar’s star continues to rise.

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