Sailing Croatia: The Charms of Vis

By MedSailors Crew published on 5 January 2015

Of the world’s many fantastic destinations for sailing Croatia is certainly among the best. There are many wonderful towns, islands and places to discover, but one of the most unique and interesting of all is Vis. There are many things that make Vis such a wonderful place to discover on your sailing holiday, such as:

Vis is famous for its wine, and this is certainly one of the town’s greatest charms. Scenic vineyards, a fascinating and distinctive set of wine making traditions and the chance to taste some truly fine drinks all form part of the town’s unique character.


Vis was once a fort and the military side of the town’s heritage is still in evidence. History lovers can explore fortifications and historic castles, set in a beautiful landscape of mountain slopes and rich greenery. This makes Vis perfect for those who like history, exploring or hiking.


Where it was once a place of strict military order, with soldiers ready to defend to the death against deadly invaders, Vis is now the perfect relaxing stop for your sailing holiday. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and the chance to taste wine or explore nearby vineyards. As well as wine, you can also enjoy sophisticated cocktails and be sure to stock up so that you can relax on the deck of your yacht with a welcome drink.

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