Sailing Croatia: The Joys of Sesula

By MedSailors Crew published on 30 March 2015

Sesula is one of the quieter little stops you will encounter while sailing Croatia, but is no less spectacular for it. Compared to the wild nightlife of Hvar or the glories of Dubrovnik, it is easy to overlook little Sesula, but its charms should not be underestimated.

Stunningly Scenic
Sesula is a calm and utterly beautiful spot to spend a little relaxing time in during your sailing holiday. While there is plenty of breathtaking scenery in Croatia, few views match the vistas of Sesula’s spectacular coast. Palm trees line the idyllic bay, and the waters are clean, clear and absolutely perfect for paddle-boarding. And as if this scene wasn’t plenty beautiful enough already, wait until sunset for one of the most spectacular sights you are ever likely to see.


Delightful Dining
As with beautiful scenery, delicious food is available in abundance in Croatia, especially around the coast, where eateries have easy access to fresh and high-quality ingredients for seafood. Once again, Sesula manages to stand out even amid such an abundance of stiff competition. The food in the restaurants, especially the wonderful konoba that is Sismis, is truly sublime. The atmosphere, too, is hard to beat and a great setting for a meal.

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