Sailing Croatia: Three Experiences Unlike Anywhere Else

By MedSailors Crew published on 11 February 2015

Every country on Earth is unique and has its own unique character and a distinctive set of experiences on offer. Croatia offers some truly wonderful experiences that are completely unlike anything else on Earth. Three of the most amazing things you can experience while sailing Croatia that you will not find elsewhere are the following.

The Streets of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik is one of the most distinctive cities in Europe and is absolutely steeped in history. Its recognisable style of architecture helps it retain much of its original medieval character, and it is little wonder that this historic and magical city has been chosen as a location for filming Game of Thrones. Exploring the busy main streets and the labyrinthine lanes of the old city is an experience unlike any other, and one you should not miss.


The Island of Korcula
Korcula is home to a variety of attractions. This is another walled medieval city, less spectacular than Dubrovnik but with its own charm and still a fantastic place to explore. In particular, it is home to some wonderful restaurants and bars. The island is also home to some of Croatia’s finest wineries, where you can see the traditional and unique Croatian wine-making process and then taste the fruits of those labours. On top of all that, Korcula offers a fantastic landscape complete with quiet, secluded bays and scenic green slopes.


As with Korcula, part of Hvar’s charm and uniqueness comes from the way it blends multiple elements together in just the right way. It is home to a fantastic nightlife scene, perfect for anybody who has even the slightest hint of a party animal hidden inside them. At the same time, it is home to medieval churches, crumbling ancient ruins and a sixteenth-century castle. All of this is complemented by the scenic coastline that will be a constant and welcome presence throughout your sailing holiday.

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