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Why You Need To Go On A Sailing Holiday With Your Mates

By Ryan Brown
on  September 18, 2019

“Everyone needs a friend that will call and say, ‘Get dressed, we are going on an adventure.’”

Imagine this: You and your best group of mates relaxing in the sun with cold drinks in hand. The only sounds around you are the clanks of a cheers, the heaps of laughter from your friends, the wind in a sail, and the waves gently lapping against the bow. The hardest choice of the day for you all is whether to bask in the sun, go for a swim, and whether or not have Aperol spritz or gin and tonic.

Sounds pretty sweet right?

There are hundreds of reasons we can think of why travelling with your friends is the best way to travel, and getting them all together on a sailing holiday for a week will be one of the most epic friend moments you’ll ever have.

It’s not often that friends can get together for more than an a night out or a brunch get together but a week together will be without a doubt a get-together for the ages.

We’re going to tell you exactly why rounding up your squad for a MedSailors holiday will make the best summer yet, and a cheeky guide on how to convince them to come along on the adventure if they need a bit of a nudge!

MedSailors Catamaran in Croatia

Experiences are best when shared.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” — Tim Cahill

That quote above fully captures one of the best aspects of travel with friends — journeys and memories are best when shared. You share the planning, the build-up and excitement, the trip itself, the challenges, and the incredible memories.

When you hang out down the road and reminisce, there’s nothing like bringing up and old story and journey everyone was a part of.

We won’t take away from joys and rewarding challenges of travelling solo, but having all of your friends together for a journey, or conquering fears, or exploring a magnificent place, nights out dancing, and more — that’s golden and unforgettable.

You’ll have endless awesome memories (and hilarious ones at that) for life.

We’re sure you can recount thousands of “remember that time when…” moments with friends that just happened while you were hanging out together. Travelling with your best mates simply makes travelling more fun and funny.


Without having to jump through the hoops of the hostel meet and greets (you know the sometimes tiresome intros we mean) or the couple of days it takes to get real close with a new group for everyone to let their guards down — you instantly roll into the good times and good vibes with no effort needed at all. Everyone knows each other’s bangers on Spotify, what drinks the boat will love most, and the kind of week everyone wants to have.

MedSailors guests sailing in Croatia

There’s no better #squadgoals victory than a boat full of friends.

Scrolling through the ‘gram and looking over photos of other friend groups traveling together, wishing you could have a holiday with your group of mates like that doesn’t have to happen ever again.

With all of the awesome memories you’ll have and share while on a MedSailors holiday, you’ll be the envy and #squadgoals of everyone else as they see you and your mates relaxing together behind the yacht in a crystal clear bay in the Med wishing they were there.

How to convince your friends to come on an epic sailing holiday with you:

Step one: “Hey, we should all go on holiday together!”

Step two: “How about we all go on a sailing holiday for a week around the Mediterranean? It’d be EPIC!”

Step three: “Check out this trailer, this is what we should do!”

Step four: Check out these routes on MedSailors, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro. I’ve always wanted to go to…”

Step five: For the “I don’t know” or “maybe, I’ll see” friends, pick an epic photo like the one below and send it to them.

Step six: After showing or sending said photo, follow up with: “This could be us!” And “A whole boat to ourselves sailing for a week!”

Step seven: Next, lock in your country, route, and boat. Check out all of our routes HERE.

Step eight: For the budget-minded friends, use this line: “Group discounts if we all go together, and if we book soon we score the early bird on top! And, you can pay over time before the trip.”

Step nine: Take the reins. Complications can scare some friends away so lead the way with setting up the booking and email our team with questions or concerns. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy peasy and you won’t be stuck with everything — your mates can handle their payments on their own.

Step ten: Make a cheers to the best week together coming up, and start crossing off the days until you and your squad hit the sunshine and sea on your own yacht.

Don’t forget the matching outfits!

Now the real question is, who are you bringing?!

Ready to have un unforgettable sailing holiday with your mates? Book your MedSailors adventure today!

*Book with your friends before October 31st and take advantage of early-bird discount goodies!*

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