Scooting Around On A Greece Sailing Break
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Scooting Around On A Greece Sailing Break

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  January 04, 2017

Greece has so much to offer tourists of all tastes, and although exploring the area by boat is the best way to get around, there might be times you want to see what’s going on inland. One of the best ways to do this is to take to the road on a scooter. Not only will you fit right in with the locals, but you will get to see even more of this wonderful country.

See inland sights on a sailing trip - Explore all that Greece has to offer

But before you jump on to a scooter, make sure you are prepared for the reality of whizzing along Greece’s winding roads.

Firstly, be aware that not all roads in Greece are made equal. For every smooth, well-laid path there will be the more ‘authentic’ bumpy offering. This is particularly likely when you are exploring quieter locations, so you might want to take it easy in these areas.

Secondly, make sure you hire your scooter from an experienced company. You need to have a licence which allows you to ride the scooter, and the best organisations will give you sound advice about how to look after the scooter and how to get it back safe and sound.

Lastly, a crash helmet is a must! No, it might not look the best in your holiday snaps, but you need to be safe if you are going to get the most out of what will be a truly memorable experience on your Greece sailing break.

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