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Soaking Up Sunshine and More on a Croatia Sailing Trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 10, 2015

Known as one of the sunniest towns in the country, Vela Luka is a perfect and picturesque stop-off point on any Croatia sailing break.

Sailing in Croatia - Finding sunny hotspots
Although the town is slightly quieter than its better-known neighbour Korcula, it still offers plenty of interest and excitement for both tourists and locals alike. It is also famed for its safe anchorage points and as such has long been a haven for sea-based travellers.

The town has everything you might need for a day – and evening – on dry land. There is a wide choice of places in which to eat and drink, plenty of shopping options and the chance to purchase one of Korcula island’s most famous products: amazing olive oil.

Vela Luka is also known for drawing in many talented and creative musicians and artists, hoping to draw inspiration from the town’s vibrant cultural past. The summer months, in particular, see lots of exciting artistic events going on across the area.

One of the most inspirational landmarks in Vela Luka is Vela Spilja – translated as Great Cave. This expansive rocky space was inhabited as far back as Neolithic times, making it one of the best-known prehistoric attractions in the whole of Europe.

And, above all, Vela Luka’s 2500 hours of sunshine each and every year mean it really should not be missed.

Getting the most out of your sailing holiday - Sunny times in Croatia

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