Sunbathing Tips When Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew published on 13 July 2015

There is little better than returning from holiday with a deep golden tan that will make all your friends jealous. But sometimes, in the excitement of being abroad, dreams of a deep golden tan can turn into the reality of painful sunburnt skin. So how can you enjoy the sun safely when sailing in Greece?

When you arrive on holiday and are ready to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, it is important you’re your bravado doesn’t get in the way of your brain. You must wear sunscreen. Whether you are someone who tans naturally or someone who has to take extra care, it is vital to know the protection that is right for you. For example, even if you possess naturally darker tones, it is still essential to block UVA and UVB rays that can damage your skin over time.

Greek sailing - sunbathing tips

It can be tempting to make the most of the sun by staying out all day, but this is not advisable. If you can, you should avoid the sun in the middle of the day, and when you do go back inside it is important to give your skin a bit of after-care. Moisturiser, after-sun or a cooling shower can refresh and rejuvenate your skin whilst prolonging any tan you have achieved.

Remember that being safe in the sun is a must if you are going to really make the most of your break in Greece. And if you are worried about getting it wrong, why not just get a fake tan before you go?

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