SUP-ing 101

By MedSailors Crew published on 28 June 2017

SUP-ing, or stand-up paddleboarding, is definitely one of our fave things here at MedSailors HQ, and it’s also the fastest growing water-based sport worldwide! Suitable for all ages and abilities, paddleboarding is super inclusive and a whole lot of fun!

Paddleboarding on a sailing holiday - Get adventurous on the water

Step 1. Gain Your Balance

Starting out in an area of calm and flat water is always best if you don’t fancy taking a few tumbles into the sea immediately! Start out on your knees, paddling for a few strokes on either side before slowly standing up, one foot at a time, and making sure you’re in the middle of the board.

The board should feel pretty stable beneath your feet and you shouldn’t feel as though you’re wobbling around. If after 2 or 3 attempts you still feel unstable, don’t feel disheartened, just try out a slightly wider board and you should be good to go in no time!

Step 2. Practice Your Strokes

Paddle boards are super easy to control, you just need to spend a little time practising a few need-to-know strokes to help you get where you want to be, as easily as possible. You’ll master the forward stroke easily, just remember instead of focusing too much on pulling your paddle back through the water, focus on pulling yourself and your board past the paddle. Trust us, it makes all the difference!

A Few Additional MedSailors Top Tips

Make sure your hands are gripping your paddle shoulder width apart. Any less won’t give you the powerful enough strokes you need to propel yourself through the water.

Ensure you’re taking long strokes, and don’t rely on your arm muscles to do all the work. You back is one of the powerhouses of your body, so make sure your back muscles are engaged and pulling their weight!

Resist the temptation to arrange your body into a stance suitable for surfing because it’ll only make paddling a million times more difficult! You’ll also probably fall in. Instead, make sure your feet are always in a parallel position and your toes are pointing towards the nose of your board.

Sailing tips and tricks for first timers - Give paddle boarding a try
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