Take a Greece Sailing Trip to the Home of Poseidon Himself

By MedSailors Crew
on  June 09, 2015

Although it is actually part of the mainland, Ermioni’s peninsula location gives it the feel and style of a traditional Greek island. A perfect stop on any Greece sailing adventure, Ermioni is popular with locals and tourists alike.
Greek Islands - Local town
At the eastern point of the peninsula is the archaeologically significant area of Bisti. You can’t visit Greece without embracing a little of its world-famous ancient history, and this part of the country is steeped in it; once called Poseidon, the remains here of some of Greece’s distinctive temples make for unforgettable scenery all around.

But aside from the historical sights to be seen, Ermioni is a haven for relaxing water-based activities in the crystal-clear seas surrounding the peninsula. Snorkelling is a hugely popular choice, and with the sea home to a number of exotic fish breeds, it isn’t hard to see why. Bathing in the relaxing rock pools also attracts visitors seeking calm and tranquillity.

Warm and welcoming to all who come to stay, the village of Bisti is more than just ancient ruins and blue seas. As the sun sets, why not sample the hospitality of one of the area’s tavernas? With top-quality local cuisine, Bisti offers everything that is great about Greece in one compact package.

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