Taking a Greece Sailing Trip Can Expand Your Horizons

By MedSailors Crew published on 29 April 2015

A Greece sailing holiday offers the chance to enjoy lots of new experiences in and around the beautiful blue waters of the country’s coastline.

Paragliding and water-skiing may not seem too unusual, but what about wakeboarding? Evolving in 1990s California, the sport’s early days saw adventurous water-skiers replacing their usual footwear for a boat-based ride with crudely strapped-on surfboards. Known as “skurfing” at the time, it soon became clear that alterations needed to be made if the sport was going to take off on a global scale.

Greece sailing experiences - paddle boarding

Taking inspiration from the Alpine sport of snowboarding, a new type of floating panel was developed to improve the wakeboard experience. Measuring around 140cm by 45cm, the boards were designed to be lighter than their icier counterparts. Thrill-seeking wakeboarders then place their feet into the “built-in shoes” before picking up the cable which links to the leading powerboat and setting sail.

Beginners can take comfort from the fact that average speeds are slower than they are for water-skiing, but real enthusiasts may find themselves quickly swept away. So you may return from your holiday with not just a tan but an in-depth knowledge of the “elephant”, the “off-axis” or even the “whirlybird”. Try wakeboarding in the Greek seas and it will all make sense!

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