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10 Packing Tips You Need to Know About

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 08, 2017

I don’t know about you, but lugging around a massive suitcase doesn’t feature on our list of things we enjoy doing on holiday. We’ve all been there – the faff of dragging it off the luggage carousel, trying to squeeze it into the car, accidentally wheeling it over your mate’s foot. NOT GOOD! So, to avoid those annoying/awkward/potentially embarrassing situations, here are some tips that will have you packing like a pro in no time.

1. Ever sat down in your seat on the plane, thinking you can finally relax because you’re officially on holiday, only to realise you’ve forgotten something? Don’t be that person, make a packing list instead!

2. Roll, don’t fold. Because who wants to iron on holiday? No one! You can call yourself Harry Potter because your clothes won’t get creased, it’s magic!

3. If you really can’t narrow down the clothes you want to take (don’t worry, we understand!) pop them in a vacuum pack bag and squeeze all the air out. It’s strangely satisfying and you’ll have loads of extra room.

4. Make sure to make use of every millimetre of space by stuffing small items inside your shoes – you’ll be surprised at how much space this will save. Also – *extra tip alert* – cover the bottoms of your shoes with old shower caps to keep everything clean!

5. We’ve all experienced a rogue leaky shampoo bottle before. Wrap them in cling film and tape up the lids to avoid an unnecessary close encounter of the liquid kind all over your stuff.

6. Look, we get it, e-books just aren’t the same as a good old paperback. But lugging around a selection of must-reads isn’t fun AND you can take your whole library digitally. So. Much. Choice!

7. Weigh your suitcase before arriving at the airport! You don’t want to have to pay extra (annoying) or be that person holding up the queue furiously spreading your belongings between multiple bags.

8. Decorate your suitcase so you’ll instantly know it’s yours and you won’t have to stand there looking at the bag that you think kinda looks like yours but you aren’t sure, going round and round and round forever…

9. If your checked bag goes missing, make sure you’ve been smart with your hand luggage. What we’re really saying here is always bring spare pants in your hand luggage!

10. Make sure you’ve got space to bring back some souvenirs. Going home after a great holiday is emotional enough so avoid those extra baggage fees!!

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