10 Reasons To Travel In Your 20s

If you’re looking for an excuse to come and join us on a MedSailors adventure, here are ten to get you started!

Sailing holidays for people in their 20s - Reasons to get involved

1. Embrace Freedom

You aren’t going to regret making time to travel at a time when you aren’t grappling with a million responsibilities.

2. Experiences Not Things

What’s going to enrich your life more, always having the latest gadget, or experiences that will last a lifetime?

3. Invest in Your Future

It may seem as though you must get on the career ladder immediately, but travelling will also provide you with desirable skills and experiences. Your knowledge of other cultures, confidence to think on your feet and ability to make independent decisions is likely to be more impactful than spending your 20s filling in spreadsheets.

4. Make New Friends on Your Medsailors Adventure!

You’ll cross paths with people you otherwise never would have met, perhaps even discovering your new travel BFF in the unlikeliest of places.

5. Uncover Your Fighting Streak

No, not literal fighting – the desire to fight for your future! If you aren’t satisfied with the direction your life is taking, travelling will show you that you have the power to make positive changes.

6. Manage Your Money

You’ll become an expert at budgeting, which will be useful when the time comes to save for a mortgage or any other large future purchase.

7. Taste the World

Seriously, there are so many delicious foods just waiting for you to go and eat them!

8. Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Struggle to talk to strangers? Aren’t comfortable with your own company? Feel stuck but are afraid to take risks? Travelling will help you with all those and so much more.

9. Find Inspiration

Nothing gets our creative juices flowing better than a trip to a new destination with an entirely different perspective and way of life.

10. Find Yourself

Cliché or not, it can be difficult to figure out who you are when stuck in a daily routine of commuting, working and sleeping. Travelling may lead to a new passion or talent you didn’t know you had. Never limit yourself!

Find yourself on a sailing holiday - Book a getaway for self-discovery
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