Person holding a gyros

The £2 Dish In Greece That Everyone Is Talking About!

By Alicia Sharp published on 8 March 2019

Person handing a gyros to another person

We’re not sure about you, but, for us, the way to our hearts is always going to be through our stomach with good food.

This is why we absolutely love finding the best local dishes to share with you, so you can indulge until your hearts content while you’re on holiday in the Med!

⚠️ Warning: If you are subject to falling in love with food, continue reading with caution.

Let us introduce you to the face of Greek fast food: GYROS!

Picture this: Perfectly roasted meat, crisp fresh veggies and salty potato fries smothered in cool tzatziki sauce, all parceled up inside a fluffy toasted pita – ummmm, delicious?!

And we haven’t even mentioned that this meal will cost you as little as £2 and is large enough to fill that hungry stomach.

Yep, we know – it’s a dream come true and probably the tastiest and best value for money ‘kebab’ you will ever have!

Gyros are undoubtedly one of the first things that come to mind when we think of traditional Greek cuisine. As a cheap, large, delicious and accessible meal, this is definitely a bucket list must try during your time in Greece.

Person holding a gyros

Where to Hunt Them Down:

Feeling hungry? Greece has so many options when it comes to dining, from quick street food to numerous sit-down restaurants. No matter where you want to eat, you will be sure to find this delicious local dish on the menu.

Gyros, along with Souvlaki, are the main type of fast food you will come across during your time in Greece. This means that, thankfully, you can find these tasty parcels pretty much anywhere without having to look too hard – and when we say anywhere, we mean on almost every corner. Woohoo!

£2?! Does this even count as a meal?

While size and ingredients can vary slightly from place to place, Gyros always come in one size: LARGE.

A Gyros is usually large enough to fill up a hungry person so, don’t worry, you’ll definitely be getting your bang for those two bucks!

How Gyros Are Made:

Sometimes known as the “Greek Sandwich”, Gyros can be compared to the Turkish Doner Kebab which we all know and love.

Pronounced “Gaee-ro” in English and “Ghee-ro” in Greek, this delicious dish comes from the Greek work “Gheereezo”, which means ‘to turn’. As Gyros are mostly made of meat, this ‘to turn’ refers to the meat being cooked on a vertical rotisserie. While traditionally made using lamb, beef or pork Gyros are now also commonly made with chicken.

This perfectly seasoned and roasted meat is then wrapped in an oiled, lightly grilled piece of pita (kind of like bread) and served with freshly cut fillings such as salad and onion, topped with thick fried potatoes and then smothered in sauce like the most famous one, tzatziki.

OK, now we’re very hungry. Who’s joining us for Gyros in Greece this summer?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to try this local dish when sailing Greece with MedSailors. Whether you want to eat your Gyros with the epic backdrop of the Ionian Islands or as a cheeky eat after a night out on the Saronic Islands – you will definitely get to experience an unforgettable savoury treat.

Really delicious, really cheap, really filling and easy to find – name a better way to spend your £2 in Greece this Summer, we’ll wait 😉

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