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The Benefits of Travelling Alone on a Greece Sailing Trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 28, 2015

When people think of travelling alone, their first consideration is probably safety. But travelling alone can be just as safe as travelling in a group, except that the former has a huge number of incomparable benefits. And for a perfect balance between independence and safety, there is not much better than a Greece sailing trip.
Sailing in Greece - Solo travelling tips
There is something truly liberating about taking your holiday in your own hands. As it is you alone getting to make the decisions about where you go and what you do, it is an almost indulgent experience before the real holiday even gets underway. And with the variety on offer when sailing throughout Greece, there will be no one and nothing to hold you back from a world of new adventures.

One real benefit of travelling alone is that it actually makes it very easy to forge new friendships. People will want to start conversations with you, and you will find that although you began your holiday alone, the chances are you will end it with many new memories of your many new friends.

Last but not least, there is something very satisfying about choosing to travel independently. It is an achievement and one that perhaps everyone should try at least once.

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