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The Experiences That Define Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 27, 2015

Every country has at least a few things to offer which set it apart from all others and help to make it unique. While sailing in Greece, there will be a few things that you will find help to define the experience and are quite unlike anything you will see elsewhere in the world.

The Food
Greek cuisine is unique and extremely delicious. Make sure you take every opportunity to enjoy the traditional and modern dishes that define authentic Greek cooking. There is something for every palate, and as sailing holidays must stay near the coast by definition, you will find a particularly strong selection of fresh seafood dishes on offer.


The History
Greece was once a superpower of a kind that the world has only seen a handful of times. Incredible sites such as the Acropolis of Athens (complete with the world-famous Parthenon) can take your breath away. They are not only incredibly old, but also amazing feats of construction that could put any modern building to shame. Even the sites that only survive in ruins, such as the Temple of Aphaia, are incredible things to see.

The Landscape
Greece has no shortage of truly incredible sandy beaches, and this is the part of the landscape that is most famous. But there is much more to the geography of Greece than beaches. There are also sloping hills, green plains and rugged mountains. Included among the last group you will find the towering might of Mount Olympus – the mythical home of the mighty Greek gods.

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