The Reality Of Travel: Can It Really Solve All Your Problems?

By MedSailors Crew published on 12 September 2018

Sometimes it can feel like social media feeds are just endless streams of temptation and travel inspo. From your mates sipping cocktails at sunset on a sunshine soaked island to stories of people packing it all in and travelling the world, travel is often presented as a cure-all, something that can fix everything like the wave of a wand.

But is that actually real life? Can travel really solve all your problems?

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Break Out of Your Routine on a MedSailors Sailing Trip

Comfort zones are wonderful little sanctuaries we build for ourselves. They’re where we feel safe and secure, and where nothing can touch us. But venturing outside them, however scary, is exhilarating. In fact, embarking on your own travel adventure will for sure be one of the best things you’ll ever do.

But, Remember That Travel Can Take Its Toll on your Body

Although you might want to jump in and enjoy every experience a MedSailors sailing trip has to offer, this can take its toll on your body. From sore muscles and blisters to fevers and fatigue, you can waste a lot of energy trying to ensure every second of your adventure is spent well. So, alongside seizing each day, make sure to carve out a bit of you-time and indulge in a bit of rest and relaxation.

It’s totally OK to take an afternoon nap on deck or sit back, soak in the sunset and get lost amongst your own thoughts. These moments are as much a part of an amazing travel adventure as exploring and sightseeing.

Travel Will Change You, But Only If You Want It To

Many people set out believing travel will help them to find themselves. And it totally can, but only if that possibility for change already exists. You will for sure return with a clearer perspective, but problems don’t ever evaporate overnight. Travel can be a brilliant starting point, but you’re still going to have to put in some work to make the permanent life changes you want to make.

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