This Season’s Must Have Inflatables

Remember those kinda sad looking pool inflatables from your childhood? You know, those super flat crocodiles and slightly misshapen dolphins that always looked ever so slightly surprised and were always nearly impossible to inflate properly? Well, thankfully those are firmly a thing of the past and this generation’s inflatables are WAY better. So, whatever you do, don’t forget to pack one of these in with your swimming stuff and sun cream before heading out on your next sailing trip.

The Inflatable Flamingo

There’s always one particular thing that seems to define each season. Last summer it was pineapples and palm trees, but this summer is all about the flamingo. Most of these are pretty huge and are super comfy. You’ll also get some pretty lit pictures of yourself on one of these, because who doesn’t want some photographic evidence of the best afternoon ever to flood their social feeds with?!

A Piece-A Pizza

For real! A giant pizza slice you can lie on! You also definitely get bonus points if you munch away on an actual slice of pizza whilst lounging on one of these.

The Magical Unicorn

Because who doesn’t love a unicorn? No one! If their rainbow coloured manes and fluttery lashes weren’t enough, most unicorn inflatables are the perfect size for two, so prepare to lounge the afternoon away in the sunshine with bae in the most magical way possible.

‘Ave an Avocado

We don’t know whose job it is to design these things, but my goodness I hope they got a pay rise after thinking up this genius inflatable incarnation. With a hole in the middle you can lounge in or out of the water depending on whether you want to soak in the sunshine or cool off in the refreshing water. See, we told you it’s genius.

Lounge on a Lobster

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Pretty apt for an island getaway, right? Just make sure to regularly apply your sun block so you don’t end the day blending in to the bright red hue of this totally extra pool accessory.

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