Top Spots To Visit After Sailing Croatia With MedSailors

By Ryan Brown published on 22 February 2019

Without a doubt, Croatia is one of the most magical and fascinating countries in the Mediterranean. With tantalizing traditional and Dalmatian cuisine, awe-inspiring ancient fortified towns that resemble something out of fairytale, and more than 1000 breathtaking islands to explore — it’s no wonder this is one of Europe’s top destinations.

Whether you’ve already booked your MedSailors Croatia adventure, or you’re still on the fence about which route to choose, we’ve put a handy guide together for you to help you plan out what to do after your incredible sailing holiday.

Here’s our top 7 spots you need to check out after sailing in Croatia!

1. Dubrovnik

*Cue the GOT music! Dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dunnn!*

Though it has become one of Croatia’s most popular cities to visit given the film locations of Game of Thrones and Star Wars, Dubrovnik isn’t just a film location to our favourite shows and movies.

Described as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”, this city defies imagination with snaking stone laneways, dizzyingly high cannon- topped walls, and a storied history spanning thousands of years.

Grab a cocktail on a sea-cliff bar beneath the walls then take the cable car above town to watch the sunset over a shimmering seascape. Discover the best Dalmatian dining tucked into alleyways filled with live music, and dance the night away in clubs beneath castles!

Whether you begin your Croatia sailing holiday in Dubrovnik or end your journey here, this UNESCO heritage site is well worth spending a few days exploring.

2. Split

From its tall spires and stone walls, sprawling parks to seaside promenades and Europes hottest festival scene — Split is a city that needs to be experienced.

Within the labyrinth-like laneways you’ll discover lively cafe’s and delicious restaurants hidden around the pristine 4th century Old Town.

The ancient palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian is a must-see, dating back 1,500 years with its captivating bell tower and Egyptian-themed ruins.

This is the perfect spot to grab after dinner to grab a drink, relax, and listen to the nightly live music beneath the ruins.

Split is also known for its incredible music scene, home to the annual Ultra Music Festival and numerous lively bars and clubs you won’t want to miss.

Give this incredible city a few days to explore when you cap off your MedSailors Discovery or Voyager holiday.

3. Zadar

What is considered Croatia’s coolest city, Zadar has the history, culture, class, and everything in between. And it’s a fraction of the cost of some more popular destinations in Croatia.

Given cities like Dubrovnik can be quite overwhelming and crowded in peak tourist season, Zadar is the perfect getaway to explore Croatia without the crowds. Explore the marble-paved walled Old Town and its marvelous Venetian ruins, wander within the 11th century Roman Forum, and gawk at the exquisite architecture and the cathedrals abound.

Oh, and did we mention an outdoor light up dance floor? What makes Zadar such a nifty city is the large circular promenade that lights up as a dance floor at night. Better yet, attached is a massive sea-organ that plays tunes when the waves hit. Maybe the coolest place you can have a boogie at sunset.

4. Krka National Park

Sprawling valleys, winding rivers, and waterfalls galore! Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most beautiful hidden gems, and a must-see after your sailing holiday.

Krka National Park is most famous for the 7 jaw-dropping waterfalls dotted around the park, and better yet, you can even swim in them! Hike within the 100km of park along trails through dense forest, flower fields, and see some of Croatia’s most unique flora and fauna.

Just an hour from Split by bus, this will be ideal to get those land legs back under you 😉

5. Sibinek

The oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic, Šibinek is filled with fascinating history, culture, arts, beaches, and stunning scenery.

Home to not one, but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Šibinek is a feast for the eyes of history buffs. The triangular shaped St. Nicholas Fortress is one of the most unique you’ll come across, and hilltop St. Micheal’s fortress houses an open-air concert hall which will be the most unforgettable place you ever see a performance!

6. Pula

The Colosseum has nothing on Pula! Centered in the city is the world’s only ancient Roman amphitheater with fully intact walls and stadium, and even with this seaside town being a commercial hub, it’s managed to keep its small-town charm.

Explore the ancient arena or catch a summer festival within the ruins, grab a bite at the quiet seafront cafes and dine without the throngs of tourists vying for a table. Hit the numerous beaches spanning this pine tree-lined coastline then zen out in one of Croatia’s most relaxing destinations. What’s not to love?!

7. Plitvice National Park

One of Croatia’s most famous natural attractions, Plitvice National Park’s main draw is the awe-inspiring terraced lakes, 16 to be exact! These natural wonders will leave you picking your jaw up off the ground every step you take.

Just expect to have your mind blown as you experience first-hand the extensive and hidden natural beauty of Croatia on land. Plitvice has early 300 square kilometers of dense forest, with numerous waterfalls including the 78m high Veliki Slap Falls, and a vast limestone canyon feeding into the lakes.

There might not be a better way to cap off your Croatia sailing holiday!

What are you waiting for? Book your MedSailors Croatia adventure and get exploring these unforgettable destinations!

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