20 MUST TRY Ice Cream Flavours

By MedSailors Crew published on 19 May 2017

You’re soaking in the late evening sunshine after exploring your latest MedSailors destination. What’s the only thing that could make this dreamy situation EVEN better? Ice cream, of course!


It’s a classic, right? There’ll probably also be an extra dark version. Dreamy!

Chocolate Chip

Oh, and if this is available (especially if the chocolate chips are a mixture of milk and dark) get a scoop of this too. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate!

Hazelnut / Pistachio


Nutty delights, what’s not to love?

A MedSailors Favourite, Bacio

Meaning kiss in Italian, this combination of chocolate and hazelnut is nothing less than an absolute delight. It’s appropriately named, that’s for sure.

Lemon / Raspberry / Melon / Peach


Perfect for warm days, a fruity flavour will always deliver instant refreshment.

Zuppa Inglese

Although it translates to ‘English soup’, don’t let that put you off. An Italian version of a trifle this custardy dream contains actual chunks of sponge cake!

Forest Fruits


An out of this world blend of fresh berries.


Another popular Italian choice, if custard is your jam you need this frozen delight in your life!


One scoop isn’t enough.



This creamy flavour is hugely popular in Italy and if you’re thinking it sounds bland, you’d be wrong as they’ve somehow managed to make it taste like childhood. Magical!


Both fruity and creamy. Delightful!



Coffee is a big deal in the Mediterranean and as it’s one of their specialities, you know their coffee ice cream is going to be 10/10.


And it will be the best mint ice cream of your life.



Feeling hungry yet? We are!


Named after Smurfs, which are adorably called Puffi in Italy, puffo ice cream is typically bubblegum flavour, but you might want to check first because it might also be…


Yep, you read that correctly. We’re going there! It may be the marmite of the ice cream world, but you’ll never know if you don’t try!

Now, if you’ll excuse us. It’s ice cream o’clock!

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