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7 Unbelievable Places You Have To Explore In Croatia

By Lucy Bradley
on  April 15, 2018

There are more than a few reasons why Croatia graces most “Must See Places Around the World” articles; from the thousands of vibrant vineyards that blanket the plains to the dramatic coastline dipping into the unbelievably clear waters, the world-renowned traditional cuisine and unforgettable nightlife scenes to the rich and storied history — it becomes obvious why Croatia captivates so many people.

Croatia, simply put, is a place born of fantasy, and that was true far before the days of Game of Thrones and Star Wars film locations, though that has added to the effect.

Here at MedSailors HQ we have put together a handful of our favourite sailing destinations in Croatia that are bound to leave your jaw on the floor and your travel soul begging for more.



Vis was once closed off from the world as a military island, but now it’s an island of historic fortresses, World War II bunkers, lush vineyards and farmland, and protected marine bays for you to explore. It’s snorkel heaven for the water babies reading.

Grab a scooter and cruise around on serpentine roads through sprawling valleys lined by endless vineyards to one of Europes best and most secluded beaches called Sativa Beach. You won’t regret it!

Tip: You can check out all of the Mama Mia 2 film locations while you’re at it!



One of the oldest towns and longest inhabited places in all of Europe, Stari Grad (literally translating to Old Town) will stick in your memory for ages. Wander cobbled labyrinthian streets in the afternoon, then dine on traditional Croatia peka (slow-cooked meat in an iron bell) and sip delicious wine on a UNESCO heritage vineyard cultivated for more than 4,000 years.



We know you’ve heard legends of Hvar, so get ready to live them. After an exhausting day of swim stops and paddleboarding in the pristine bays around Hvar Island (tough life, we know =P) stroll through the white-walled alleyways to discover the best restaurants in Croatia.

After, put on your best and dance the night away beneath the shadow of Hvar Fortress in one of the numerous cocktail bars and clubs renowned around Europe for the best nightlife. Espresso Martinis are a must here!



Ya’ know when we mentioned fantasy? Well, Mljet is actually written about in myth and legends and you’ll see just why. Work up a sweat mountain biking around the breathtaking turquoise lakes of Mljet National Park and take a refreshing dip, then pop over to the ancient Benedictine Monastery for a tasty gelato.

On the flip side, rent a funky Beetle and drive to the famous Kalypso blue cave born of Odyssean myth where the Greek hero Odysseus was said to be held captive under the spell of a sea nymph. We can’t blame Odysseus for staying, you won’t want to leave either!


Looking for a bit of adrenaline-injected activity? Strap in and try to hold on as powerboats whip you around the bay on crazy tubes, or get a bird’s eye view of the fascinating Zlatni Rat beach.

After a bit of heart-pounding fun, grab a cocktail and soak up the sun on one of Europe’s most iconic beaches — a beach that is forever changing shape due to the wind.



Dun dun dundundun dun dundun dun! We can hear the GoT music pumping in your head, now imagine sailing to the walled town of Dubrovnik — now THAT is #Lifegoals. And it is exactly what you get to do on our Croatia Voyager route.

Wander the back alleys of the “Pearl of the Adriatic” in one of the most beautiful and preserved Venetian fortified towns, or get your fill of fantasy and explore the film locations of Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Cap off the day by hitching a ride on the cable car to watch the sunset atop the mountain.



Even though it’s referred to as “Little Dubrovnik” because of the similar fortifications, Korcula has plenty of its own charm to discover. Hunt down secret wine shops and hole-in-the-wall (literally) cafes in the snaking stone laneways and find the hidden beauty around the rumoured birthplace of famed explorer Marco Polo.

As the sun begins to set, climb up the ladder of Massimo’s and relax on a medieval fortress turret overlooking the shimmering bay. Sounds like something out of a movie right? Drink up the fiery sunset to come with a colourful cocktail in hand atop an old Venetian era watchtower and enjoy that movie-like moment IRL!

Want to explore these unbelievable destinations for yourself? Book your MedSailors Croatia sailing adventure today!

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