Uncover Croatia Sailing Secrets

By MedSailors Crew published on 5 June 2015

With the island of Hvar rapidly gaining in popularity and cultivating a real reputation as a top European party destination, this area of Croatia is increasingly under the spotlight. Yet even with the rise in scrutiny, there are certain locales that remain something of a mystery, and Scedro is one.

Lying to the south of its more famous neighbour, Scedro’s biggest attribute is perhaps its total contrast with Hvar. Although both are popular with tourists making the most of a Croatia sailing break, they offer two very different experiences. Perfect for mooring boats safely, Scedro is something of a haven of tranquillity compared to the constant buzz and noise of Hvar. The small island has swathes of unspoilt natural wonders, and all this peace and quiet can be just the ticket following an intensive night of partying.

Croatia sailing holiday - ancient sights to see

With much of the island untouched since ancient times, a visit here also allows an all-important glimpse into Croatia’s rich and varied heritage. And a brisk walk through the monastery ruins that dominate much of the landscape is a great way to clear the head.

The island also has near-perfect fishing conditions, so what better way to end a trip to Scedro then visiting one of the island’s welcoming restaurants, offering local produce in the traditional way to give a true taste of Croatia?

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