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Walking in the Footsteps of Gods on a Greece Sailing Trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 15, 2016

Along with their Roman counterparts, the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology are known the world over. And although the regular practice of worshipping such deities is long gone, Greek people still recognise the significance of the gods and goddesses of old.

Sailing Greece - Discover local history

Many of the monuments and reminders of centuries ago can be discovered when travelling around the country by boat. A perfect stop-off during a Greece sailing holiday, Poros offers water sports and cocktails but some cultural significance too. Indeed, this small but perfectly formed island is home to the remains of one of Greek mythology’s top men: Poseidon.

God of the sea, rivers, floods, earthquakes and – somewhat out of nowhere – horses, Poseidon was famed for his strength, trident and his big, bushy beard. The temple built in Poseidon’s honour on Poros was built in 520 BC and, perhaps unsurprisingly, not a huge amount of it is left today – after all, 2500 years is a long time.

The temple would once have housed many images of Poseidon, primarily in the form of statues, but these have been removed or stolen as the years have passed. However, one foot of one statue remains safe and sound in the island’s museum.

Even if Greek mythology is not quite your cup of tea, just knowing that you are near such historically significant sites can add something special to your sailing break.

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