What Sort of Person Should Take a Sailing Holiday?

By MedSailors Crew published on 2 January 2015

A sailing holiday has many great things going for it, but what sort of person is this kind of holiday really suitable for? The answer is almost everyone. However, it’s true there are certain groups who will find themselves particularly well-placed to enjoy a sailing holiday, and these include:

If you love nothing more than hitting the beach, sailing holidays are the perfect way to experience a destination. Not only will you be on the coast by definition, but beach spots are likely to make up a large number of your stops. A hotel will give you access to a few beaches in a small area at most, but sailing will allow you to try out all kinds of beaches, each offering their own unique charm.


The Adventurous
Sailing atop the waves with a gentle sea breeze in your face is enough to make anyone feel a little bit adventurous. Sailing holidays also have an exploratory flavour, travelling along a country’s coastline discovering one new and fascinating town after another. On top of that, for most people, sailing will be an interesting new experience. In other words, sailing holidays are great for those who want an adventure.

Variety Seekers
One of the biggest advantages of sailing holidays is that they take in not a single destination but multiple parts of a country. These will all have their own flavour, and have usually been chosen to provide good variety and give a complete overall picture of the country as far as possible. This means that if variety is your thing, you will find sailing makes for the ideal holiday.

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