What to Eat When Enjoying a Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew published on 14 December 2015

Sailing is a great way to see more than just the usual sights when you are travelling abroad. But in order to make sure you have enough energy for fun onboard and onshore, here are a few tips on the best things to eat during your sailing holiday.

The most important thing is to avoid skipping meals and to make sure, if you can, that you eat quite regularly throughout the day. This means you will be less tempted to snack on things that aren’t that good for you.

Sailing holiday - good food advice

And speaking of not skipping meals – eating breakfast is an absolute must. It is the meal that sets the tone and sets you up for the rest of the day. Omelettes are a great choice, as they are filling and energy-boosting, but even a piece of wholemeal toast with a topping of your choice is better than nothing.

The good news is that carbohydrates are recommended when it comes to boosting energy for long days and nights on holiday. That means potatoes – yes, even chips – are on the menu along with lovely rich pasta dishes. Both are a must-have source of energy, but if you want to be super-healthy, wholemeal or wholegrain options are often the best choice.

Of course, everything in moderation is the best way to go, but knowing about the best foods to boost your energy can help make your holiday even more enjoyable.

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