What to Pack for a Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew published on 29 April 2015

Love it or hate it, but packing appropriately for any holiday is a must in order to avoid disappointment or delay when you are away from home. This is perhaps never truer than when you are taking to the seas, so what exactly do you need to bring with you?

First things first – it is advisable to pack your belongings into a soft-sided bag if possible, as these are much easier to store when on board the boat. If you manage to really cut down on your luggage, you could even get such a bag through as hand luggage, cutting down the time spent at the airport and allowing you to begin your sailing holiday adventure sooner rather than later.

Sailing a yacht - sunset on the water

As for what goes in the bag, the answer really is that less is more. Be optimistic and expect beautiful weather, and all you will need are the very basics for a sunny trip away. You may be keen to try some more formal dining options when on shore, and if this is the case it is worth packing perhaps a formal jacket or shoes to avoid clashing with any dress codes.

Speaking of shoes, packing a pair appropriate for being on deck whilst at sea is a must. They should be non-slip and packed alongside the essentials of cream, hat and glasses to keep you safe from the sun whilst making the most of your unforgettable experience.

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