Where Will Your Sailing Holiday Take You?

By MedSailors Crew published on 4 March 2017

Our sailing holidays will take you to some of the best beaches, nightlife and culture that the Mediterranean has to offer. Whether you opt for Turkey, Greece or Croatia, it is worth knowing what each destination can provide so that you know will be making the most of your time away.

Enjoy the night life of the sailing set - Eat and drink with friends old and new

With its intoxicating mix of both European and Asian traditions and culture, Turkey has long been a popular holiday destination for those wanting to immerse themselves in a truly unique lifestyle. The exciting and exotic can be found around every corner here, and from trying authentic Turkish Delight to haggling at the bazaar, it is the perfect place to experience the Mediterranean.

There are so many islands to explore in Greece that each and every day will offer something new. Perhaps the thing that makes Greece so special is the history of the country that is ever present wherever you might visit. The pinnacle of this is, of course, the city of Athens itself, but alongside the world famous Acropolis you will find plenty more ruins and temples to explore when island-hopping around this wonderful location.

Lastly, a truly special time will await you if you choose Croatia for your holiday destination. From the celebrity-endorsed nightlife hotspot of Hvar to the winding streets of Dubrovnik, each and every place in Croatia will provide memories that will last long after your sailing holiday is over.

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