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Croatia Discovery Vs. Croatia Voyager: Which MedSailors Route Should You Sail?

By Alicia Sharp
on  June 17, 2019

So, you’ve decided that you want to sail the beautiful red, blue and green coastline of Croatia? What a choice!

With enchanting red stone towns, beautiful lush green scenery, and scenic swimming coves only accessible by yacht, Croatia is definitely a bucket list sailing destination that you NEED to tick off.

With thousands of islands to explore and millions of sailing memories to be made, we’ve crafted two epic routes to suit any style of traveller.

Now all you’ve got to do is decide which route is the best fit for you…

We ran a poll on our Instagram story to help you decide which route might be best suited to your idea of the perfect Croatian holiday. If you answered mostly greens, we suggested you might like our Croatia Voyager which takes a slightly more chilled approach to travel, and if you answered mostly reds, we suggested you might enjoy our Croatia Discovery which navigates around Croatia’s most popular destinations.

Just in case you missed it, or want to look into your answers further, here are a few questions to get you thinking about the type of sailing holiday you’re after and which MedSailors Croatia route you should join us on.

1. I’ll Be Travelling With My… Partner OR Mates

One of the first things to consider when deciding which MedSailors Croatia route you want to sail is to think about what sort of social vibe you are looking for on your holiday.

With plenty of time to chill in the sun, our Croatia Voyager is the perfect route if you’re looking to spend lots of quality holiday time with your significant other or close bestie. Visiting some of the more off-the-beaten-track islands, you’ll have plenty of time to hang out together as well as getting to know everyone on your yacht.

Our Croatia Discovery tends to be more action-packed and on-the-go, providing plenty of time to try out new activities with your new yacht friends. As our most popular Croatia route, visiting lots of Croatia’s hottest destinations, our Croatia Discovery is perfect for solo travellers and groups of mates that are looking to mix and mingle on a social holiday.

In saying this, both of our Croatia routes are suited to and have guests onboard that are solo travellers, couples and groups of friends. So, it totally comes down to the social environment you, your partner or your friends are looking for!

MedSailors Flotilla

2. Find Us Exploring… Secluded Bays OR Vis on a Moped

One of the awesome things about exploring Croatia by yacht is that you get to discover a new island and its surrounding bays every day. To help you decide which part of Croatia you want to sail, you might want to think about what you’re especially interested in exploring in each new destination.

As you would expect and hope for with a sailing holiday, both of our Croatia routes involve bundles of time exploring beautiful scenic coves with daily swims in the Adriatic Sea.

As our Croatia Voyager navigates around some of the lesser-known islands of Croatia, you’ll find yourself exploring plenty of beautiful untouched bays with bundles of time to swim, paddle board and float around in their tranquil, crystal-clear waters. With more time spent at sea, this route will be right up your alley if you’re a bit of a water baby and want to make the most of living the yacht life for a week.

Similarly, our Croatia Discovery will also have you indulging in beautiful daily swim spots in Croatia’s clear, turquoise waters. As this route visits many of Croatia’s most popular destinations, you’ll definitely find yourself wanting plenty of time to explore these destinations. Places such as Vis Town are an explorer’s dream, so if hiring a moped and zooming around mountainous landscapes and historic castles sound good to you then this route will give you all of that and more.

3. Evenings Are Best Spent… Chatting Under the Stars OR Hitting Beach Bars

So, now that you know how you want to spend your days exploring Croatia… how about your evenings?

Both of our Croatia routes offer a great variety of ways to spend your evenings, from relaxing under the stars on your yacht, to exploring the local nightlife at the destination you are docked at for the night. Whether you want to spend the night hanging with your new yacht friends or heading off to explore on your own, how you spend your evenings with MedSailors is completely up to you!

If you’re looking to spend your nights relaxed to max, chatting with your new yacht friends under the stars or enjoying a few drinks at a local island bar then our Croatia Voyager will be perfect for you. You’ll find yourself docking in beautiful secluded bays and local villages, giving you plenty of time to make the most of the yacht life and explore local bars. You’ll get to visit Vela Luka, a bustling town lined with local bars and restaurants as well as destinations like Korcula where you can enjoy sophisticated vineyard tours by day and classy cocktail evenings by night.

If you’re looking forward to more vibrant nights including a night out in one of Europe’s top party destinations, Hvar, or visiting sunset cocktail bars in Vis, then our Croatia Discovery will provide plenty of fun nights out for you to experience Croatia’s local nightlife with your new yacht friends. As this route navigates around some of Croatia’s most popular destinations, you’ll find that you want to spend your nights out and about exploring the nightlife each new destination has to offer.

4. Sailing Holidays Are Good For… Tan Lines and Floating OR Dancing and Diving

Let’s be honest, no matter which Croatia route you choose to sail, there are going to be plenty of swim spots, plenty of paddle board runs and plenty of time to spend soaking up this unique way of travelling Croatia by yacht.

To try and help you to differentiate the difference between these two awesome routes, we said that those who are excited for plenty of time spent floating about on an inflatable flamingo and working on their golden tan lines will love our Croatia Voyager, while those excited about trying different styles of jumping off the yacht or having a boogie in the sun will love the Croatia Discovery – but don’t worry you’ll get plenty of all of these on both of our Croatia routes!

MedSailors guests enjoying Croatia

5. I’ll Be Spending My Days At Sea… Snorkelling OR Mastering Headstands

With seven days spent navigating around the islands of Croatia and bundles of time spent swimming in beautiful bays, what do you think you’ll find yourself doing the most of during your time at sea?

If you like the sound of leisurely days spent around some of Croatia’s more remote islands, the Croatia Voyager might be a match made in heaven for you. Visiting lots of beautiful, secluded bays on this route, it’s perfect for anyone that is really looking forward to exploring these bays and their beautiful marine life with a snorkel or paddle board.

If you’re looking forward to indulging in the perfect hangover cure of morning swims and days spent making memories with your yacht friends, our Croatia Discovery will provide this in buckets. From attempting handstands on the paddle board to attempting the paddle board run (yeah, this one is probably going to take you a few attempts) there will be plenty of time to master these fun activities.

6. I Wouldn’t Miss Europe’s Most Popular… Beach OR Party Destination

During our travels, we all have a stand out ‘popular’ attraction that we are most looking forward to. If you had to choose between a mind-blowing famous beach or an epic crowd-pleasing party, what would be your first choice?

If you’re up for a bit of a party and want to see what all the hype is about in Hvar, one of Europe’s favourite nightlife destinations, then get ready for the time of your life on our Croatia Discovery. Hvar island is an island of natural beauty and when the sun goes down, another version of Hvar is unleashed. Get ready to let your hair down on a night to remember, one of many unforgettable nights of memory-making on this week-long sailing holiday.

If you’re really excited about getting maximum beach time during your sailing holiday including getting to visit one of Europe’s world-famous and rather unique beaches, Bol Zlatni Rat, then our Croatia Voyager will provide this to you in bundles. You’ll have the chance to try your hand at an array of water sports, explore the beach and eat some incredible food too. Our Voyager adventure takes a slightly more chilled approach to travel, but don’t be fooled: we certainly haven’t compromised on the fun factor and you’ll still get to experience the legendary nightlife of Hvar!

7. My Camera Roll Will Be Full Of… Epic Scenery OR Mates and Memories

We think that the photos we find in our camera roll after a holiday are a pretty good reflection of the standout WOW moments from our travels that we don’t want to forget, would you agree?

To help you differentiate some of the standout moments you’ll encounter on both of our Croatia routes we say that after a week on our Croatia Voyager you can definitely expect your camera roll to be jam-packed full of some unreal scenery as you get to visit the likes of tranquil Mljet National Park and sunset vineyards of Stari Grad.

Our Croatia Discovery sure will quench your appetites for adventure and fun times as you visit places like Supetar with adrenaline pumping watersports during the day before dancing the night away at sandy beach bars.

But let’s be honest, you’re going to make epic friends and memories on either of these routes, as well as encountering some out-of-this-world Croatian scenery.

MedSailors guests Hanging Out

8. I Would Definitely Want To Check Out… GoT Filming Destinations OR the Hvar Fortress

Calling all Game of Thrones lovers looking to walk in the footsteps of their favourite characters and indulge themselves in some real-life fantasy drama scenes! You can either start or end your Croatia Voyager holiday in Dubrovnik which beholds some epic opportunities to explore some of the world-famous GoT’s filming locations. Famous not only for it’s GoT filming locations, Dubrovnik is a must-go destination to tick off on our Croatia Voyager.

If you’re more interested in exploring Hvar fortress and tracing ancient footsteps in medieval towns, then Croatia Discovery might be the route for you. Our Croatia Discovery starts and ends in Split so you won’t quite make it to Dubrovnik. However, there are some filming locations in Split, and you can always add on our transfer to Dubrovnik if you’re keen to check out the walls here too.

9. I’d Also Want To See… Mljet National Park OR Croatia’s Oldest Town

Calling all national park and nature lovers; have you ever heard of Mljet National Park in Croatia? Think bike rides through the incredibly lush green bush and swim stops in warm salt lakes. This incredible island retreat is a bucket list destination you’ll get to off when sailing our Croatia Voyager! It is just one of the many incredible wonders you’ll get to visit that you might not otherwise have thought to explore, making for a truly memorable sailing adventure.

Our Croatia Discovery route has been specially designed to soak up the sights and the sounds of some of Croatia’s most popular locations. With 10 UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites in Croatia, this is the route to go on if you’re keen to explore all those epic must-go places that you hear everyone talking about.

10. My Last Night On Holiday Would Be Spent… Enjoying a Feast OR a Big Celebration

The last night of your holiday is a special one, so how do you want to remember the trip?

From peka to delicious seafood dishes, we all know that Croatia has some particularly spectacular food that you’re going to learn to love. Why not spend your final night indulging in a final family dinner with your new yacht besties, digging into some delicious Croatian cuisine and exchanging contact details to catch up in the future. You’ll leave your Voyager adventure feeling relaxed, energised, and totally ready to take on anything that life has in store.

Known as more of a party route, if you’re keen to go out with a bang for the last night of your holiday then Croatia Discovery is the route to be on. Your Discovery days will be spent exploring, partying, curing hangovers with morning swims in stunning sparkling waters, and making incredible memories with your boat mates so you’ll want to make the last night the one you’ll always remember!

Now, for the reveal…

If you answered mostly REDs: You’re MedSailors Croatia Discovery!

Here for a good time not a long time, you want to get everything you can out of your Croatian adventure. As one of Europe’s hottest destination, you’re not planning on missing any of the action.  From discovering ancient history to indulging in Croatia’s most delicious food, we’ll find you hitting the hottest party spots without letting an epic sunrise go by wasted. Make unforgettable memories and capture them for safekeeping – you’re ready for an action-packed, fun-filled Croatian holiday!

Guests having fun on paddle board

If you answered mostly GREENs: You’re MedSailors Croatia Voyager!

You’re looking to treat yourself to a sunshine-filled sailing holiday exploring some of Croatia’s most beautiful and unspoiled islands. What better way to switch off, relax and meet other kindred souls than seven leisurely days spent at sea? As a lover of mother nature’s beauty and a cheeky GoT fan, Dubrovnik and tranquil Mljet National Park are two hot spots you don’t want to miss! Looking to leave your holiday with an epic tan, life-long pals and feeling relaxed to the max – you and our Croatia Voyager are a match made in heaven!

Guests floating behind boats in clear water

Whether you want to experience the best of what Croatia has to offer on our most popular route Croatia Discovery or switch off and relax as you navigate around some of Croatia’s more remote islands on our Croatia Voyager, you’ll be bound to achieve your #travelgoals on a Croatia sailing holiday with MedSailors.

Get ready to live your best (boat) life in the world’s most popular sailing destination. This sailing holiday could change your life!

Still feeling a bit unsure about which route to sail? Join the MedSailors Travel Family and get advice from guests that have already sailed these routes before!

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