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Why Seafood Can Keep You Healthy on Your Sailing Croatia Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 27, 2015

One of the most exciting things whenever you travel abroad is getting to sample the local cuisine of the area you are visiting. This is especially true of Croatia; there is a rich heritage when it comes to both eating and drinking, and this is encapsulated in the many picturesque konobas (traditional eateries) which line the harbours of the country’s shoreline.

Advice for Croatian sailing - Food matters

Celebrating the best in local cuisine, many konobas specialise in seafood from the Mediterranean itself. And with seafood proven to be a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet, this means you can indulge on your sailing Croatia holiday without feeling too guilty!

People in the Mediterranean area are famed for their diets, and when you visit Croatia you will soon see why. When compared with red meat and other proteins, seafood is not only lower in fat but it also provides plenty of essential vitamins needed to keep the body fit and healthy. Fish as ‘brain food’ is not only an old wives’ tale; it really is true. Not only that, the natural oils present in the seafood on Croatia’s konoba menus are perfect for keeping the skin glowing and vibrant – ideal for looking your best in all your holiday snaps.

Sailing Croatian islands - Catching some sun

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