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Why Small Group Travel Is The Absolute Best

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 30, 2018

You could say that small group travel is our jam here at MedSailors and here are a few reasons why we know travelling with a tight-knit group on your next sailing trip will result in a holiday of a lifetime!

Sailing in small groups - Why this is the best way to enjoy a holiday

We’ve Knocked It Out of the Park with Our Small Group Travel Itineraries

Tooting our own horn so overtly isn’t something we like to do all the time, but we’ve put a bunch of effort into our travel itineraries. It’s always been our main aim to ensure that you have the chance to experience popular must-see locations as well as the chance to venture off the beaten track to explore our favourite tucked-away locations that you might not otherwise have visited with a small group of travel pals.

Benefit from the Security that Comes from Travelling in a Group

Safety in numbers isn’t a myth and so as well as always having company close by, travelling with others will provide the confidence boost required to really enjoy every single second of your time away.

You Won’t Miss Out on Anything

Travelling in large groups often isn’t particularly practical, but small group travel guarantees that you’ll always be able to spend time in the locations on the top of your must-visit list and take part in the activities you really like the sound of. Whether you want to try your hand at windsurfing or jet skiing for the first time, there will always be someone on hand to snap some comedy pictures of you having the time of your life!

Explore with Like-Minded Travel Buddies on your MedSailors Adventure

We’re not lying when we say we think our holidays attract the very best people. The fact that you will already have a shared desire to explore the same part of the world on a sailing holiday is a pretty good indicating factor that you’re going to be spending time with a bunch of like-minded people keen to partake in the same activities and make the same awesome memories as you.

Sailing holidays with your pals - Work hard, play hard

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