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Why Swimming When Sailing Croatia Can Be Good For Your Health

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 09, 2017

When you think of any holiday abroad, thoughts of swimming in the sea are never far from your mind. The appeal of being able to take a dip at any time of the day without fear of freezing your extremities is a huge draw, and the warm waters of Croatia are ideal for indulging your holiday swimming dreams.

Swimming in Croatia on sailing holidays - Dips in warm blue seas

Not only is swimming good fun, but it can actually benefit your health too. Croatian waters are packed with vitamins and elements that are good for you. The seas here work to open the pores of the skin and boost your body’s ability to take in beneficial minerals.

In addition to this, Croatian waters work to improve the movement of blood around the body. This is because of increased oxygen in the blood, so a dip in the Mediterranean here can leave you feeling truly relaxed and reinvigorated.

And if you leave for your holiday with any aches and strains from the day-to-day toil of working life, spending time in the water can alleviate these problems. Just being in the water can relax the muscles and leave you ready for the fun and excitement a sailing Croatia holiday can bring.

Sailing holidays with swimming included - Get off the boat and into the sea

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