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Why the Island of Hvar is a Must-See on Any Croatia Sailing Trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 17, 2016

So much has been written about the island resort of Hvar that it can sometimes be hard to believe the hype. But its reputation is built on solid foundations, so rest assured that a visit to Hvar town will not disappoint.

Croatian sailing excursions - Moor up at town docks

A must for any Croatia sailing break is getting to see some of the country’s beautiful beaches – and Hvar has some of the absolute best. The water is clean and crystal clear, whilst the golden sand offers the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. And with Hvar’s near-perfect holidaying climate, it’s no wonder the beaches have grown in popularity.

The island is also culturally significant, with historical buildings and places of interest around every corner. If you prefer the livelier side of things, Hvar provides plenty of chances to try something new. Whether it is deep-sea fishing or rock climbing, the opportunity is there.

But of course, Hvar’s growing reputation is perhaps most linked to its world-renowned night life. With many pronouncing Hvar’s clubs and bars to be not just the best in Europe but the best in the world, a visit to Croatia would not be complete without seeing it for yourself.

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