Why You Deserve To Be Chilling Out On A Beach In The Greek Islands

By MedSailors Crew published on 18 July 2017

Here at MedSailors HQ we’re pretty strong advocates of chilling out on beaches, which is why we’ve worked so hard on our Greek island sailing holiday itinerary to secure the perfect balance between action and relaxation. Here are just a few reasons why you totally deserve to join us!

Sail off to sunny Greece - Find blue waters and sandy beaches

It’s Good for Your Health

Yes, seriously! A MedSailors Greek island sailing holiday isn’t just about laying on a beach, although let’s be real, there’s plenty of that too. We all tend to move more when we’re on holiday and all those snorkelling, windsurfing and paddle boarding adventures combined with walks and hikes are brilliant forms of exercise. And yes, it still counts even if you’re wandering up into town for an ice cream or splashing around in the ocean to cool off!

Top Up Those Vitamin D Levels on Your MedSailors Adventure

Just don’t forget that sunscreen!

Free Your Mind on Your Greek Island Sailing Holiday

Great ideas and sudden flashes of inspiration always happen when we’re least expecting it, and especially when we have enough time to step out of our daily lives and all its usual distractions for a while. You can picture it now, can’t you? Sun lounger, cocktail by your side, a cooling sea breeze and a really great book. You’ve worked hard, you deserve this!

You’ll Be Tempted to Try New Things

As you’re laying on a Greek beach and soaking in those rays, you may suddenly decide to try something totally new, which might lead to the discovery of a whole new passion that prompts you to retrain when you get back home, or to continue travelling to see more of our incredible planet. There’s a whole world out there, after all!

Relax and Refresh

We all deserve some down time, even if we’ve got a great job, a great home and brilliant mates. When you return you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on anything life may throw your way, and there’s really no better feeling than that!

Relax and unwind with Greek beach holidays - More time for yourself
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