Your Sailing Holiday in Photos

By MedSailors Crew published on 29 April 2016

There are few holidays that provide such a wealth of photographic opportunities as a sailing break can. And with the increasing quality of camera-phones, it has never been easier to capture the many facets of a sailing holiday in images. But what should you be photographing, and how can you make sure you are getting the best pictures possible?

One of the most special aspects about holidaying aboard a boat is the opportunity to see some truly stunning sunrises and sunsets. From the deck of a boat you are given the perfect place to see some really special landscapes, but it is worth being prepared in order to get the best shot. If your phone or camera is capable, switch it to a wide-angle or even panoramic mode in order to really fill the frame.

Sunsets and sunrises also provide the chance the snap some striking silhouettes. In order to get a crisp image, make sure your silhouette is set against a contrasting background and remember to turn off the flash. Although capturing the grandeur of a sailing adventure is a must, the boat itself has plenty of interesting features that more adventurous photographers might want to capture. From the detail of the sails to the intricacy of the ropes, these scene-setting images can really help preserve the memory of a wonderful holiday.

Whatever you choose to photograph, make sure it captures what it is that makes sailing such a perfect holiday choice – whether it’s the people, the boat, the surroundings or all three, make sure you’re prepared to take the best pictures you can.

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