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Discovery Route

Split return (with Dubrovnik option)



  • Hire a convertible VW Beetle in Vis
  • The most famous beach in Europe – Bol’s Zlatni Rat
  • Moor in secluded coves inaccessible to motorised boats
  • Hvar’s vibrant nightlife – Europe’s top party destination
  • Daily swim stops in the azure Adriatic Sea
  • Feast on fresh seafood in picturesque harbour konobas
  • Wander Dubrovnik’s maze-like Old City streets

What’s Included

  • Seven days’ accommodation on board your own yacht
  • Breakfast and lunch prepared fresh every day
  • No extra charges: bring your own drinks on board
  • Drinking water supplied by MedSailors
  • Learn how to sail with your qualified skipper
  • Hire your own yacht with friends or book as a solo traveller or couple
  • Paddleboards free of charge
  • Discounted day trips, scooter and car hire






SPLIT – Day 1

Spend the morning exploring the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Split. Located in nearby Split Old Town, the Diocletian’s Palace is well worth a visit or, close to our marina, 13th century Trogir is a sight to behold. Nicknamed “The Stone Beauty” stroll along the tree-lined promenade of the Old Town before we depart at 3pm for our first stop, Sesula!



We’ll ease you into your sailing Croatia holiday arriving into the tranquil bay of Sesula on the picturesque island of Solta. Paddleboard on the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, watch the breathtaking sunset, then sample Croatian cuisine in our favourite konoba (restaurant), Sismis.



VIS TOWN – Day 2

After a hearty breakfast and a morning snorkel, we’ll head to ex-military fort Vis. Rich in mindblowing history and famous for its wine, Vis Town is an explorer’s dream. Wander historic castles, stroll the mountainous landscape, or simply laze on deck before heading out for cocktails.




Anchoring at beautiful Gradina Bay, our next stop is the perfect base to explore secluded coves, relax and take in the scenery. Sunset reveals a star swept vista, the best you will see in Croatia! This is the perfect spot to cook a meal for your crew onboard, or head to shore to explore the island.



HVAR – Day 4

Hvar boasts ancient ruins, medieval churches, poet Petar Hektorovic’s 16th-century Tvrdalj castle – and fantastic nightlife! If you’re in the mood for a party, you’ll love the idyllic Pakleni Islands’ Palmižana Bay, before jumping into a water taxi to the busy Hvar Town for a night to remember!




Start the day gently with a morning-after breakfast and wake-up swim in the turquoise waters before sailing to Hvar’s Stari Grad – one of the oldest towns in Europe. Meander its cobbled pathways, go wine tasting in its scenic wineries, and try mouth-watering Dalmatian cuisine.



Bol – Day 6

Feel the wind in your hair as we start the day with a friendly yacht race, en route to the world famous Zlatni Rat beach. Packed with activities and buzzing bars, you can spend the afternoon sunning yourself on the golden sand, trying your hand at windsurfing or enjoying a drink with your crew!



SPLIT – Day 7

Enjoy a lazy morning topping up your tan and a hearty lunch on board your yacht before we return to our marina, leaving you with plenty of time for sight-seeing after you depart your yacht. Stroll the picturesque and cobbled pathways of ancient Trogir or go explore the Diocletian’s Palace for a final night on the town with your friends.


Optional Tour

Dubrovnik & Split Transfer

Our Discovery itinerary allows you to see the best of the Croatian islands – from secluded bays to ancient towns with world renowned nightlife. For guests who wish to visit Dubrovnik or Split Old Town after their sailing holiday, our private transfers depart every Friday upon your return to our marina in Trogir.



Jump on board

Our yachts are modern sailing boats, which means they use the wind to move – giving you the full-on, authentic sailing experience. And it will be skippered by a fully qualified, professional sailor. If you wish, they will be happy to teach you how to sail during your holiday!


Our well-appointed Premier yachts are classic cruisers that offer all the comforts you could expect. Launched between 2003 and 2009 they feature big sunbathing decks, swimming platforms and above deck dining areas.

Premier Plus

Our Premier Plus yachts are perfect for those looking for a yacht holiday a cut above the rest. Typically launched between 2010 and 2016, they are a similar size and layout to the Premier range but offer a more modern and sleek design.


Catamarans are ideal for those who want to experience the ultimate in yachting life. With a large deck space and living area, they offer modern, spacious surroundings with a touch of luxury.


Ready to go?

See below for our individual rates for both our Premier and Premier Plus yachts. If you’ve got a group of eight or more friends, you can get your own yacht and take advantage of our group booking discounts!

2017 – PRICES

Departure Premier — per person Premier Plus — per person Catamaran — per person Average temp °C
May-20 £487 Sold Out £536 Sold Out £600 Sold Out 26
May-27 £487 Sold Out £536 Sold Out £600 Sold Out 27
Jun-03 £487 Sold Out £536 Sold Out £600 Sold Out 28
Jun-10 £534 Sold Out £587 Last Spaces £658 Sold Out 29
Jun-17 £534 Last Spaces £587 Sold Out £658 Sold Out 30
Jun-24 £577 Limited £634 Available £711 Sold Out 31
Jul-01 £592 Available £651 Last Spaces £730 Sold Out 33
Jul-08 £592 Sold Out £651 Sold Out £730 Sold Out 33
Jul-15 £592 Sold Out £651 Sold Out £730 Sold Out 32
Jul-22 £599 Sold Out £659 Sold Out £738 Sold Out 34
Jul-29 £599 Sold Out £659 Sold Out £738 Sold Out 32
Aug-05 £592 Last Spaces £651 Sold Out £730 Sold Out 31
Aug-12 £592 Sold Out £651 Last Spaces £730 Sold Out 30
Aug-19 £592 Sold Out £651 Sold Out £730 Sold Out 33
Aug-26 £592 Sold Out £651 Sold Out £730 Sold Out 28
Sep-02 £592 Last Spaces £651 Last Spaces £730 Sold Out 27
Sep-09 £539 Limited £592 Available £663 Available 27
Sep-16 £539 Available £592 Limited £663 Limited 26
Sep-23 £539 Available £592 Available £663 Limited 27
Sep-30 £487 Sold Out £536 Sold Out £600 Sold Out 27
Oct-07 £487 Available £536 Sold Out £600 Sold Out 27

2017 – PRICES

Premier – per person

May-20 £487 Sold Out
May-27 £487 Sold Out
Jun-03 £487 Sold Out
Jun-10 £534 Sold Out
Jun-17 £534 Last Spaces
Jun-24 £577 Limited
Jul-01 £592 Available
Jul-08 £592 Sold Out
Jul-15 £592 Sold Out
Jul-22 £599 Sold Out
Jul-29 £599 Sold Out
Aug-05 £592 Last Spaces
Aug-12 £592 Sold Out
Aug-19 £592 Sold Out
Aug-26 £592 Sold Out
Sep-02 £592 Last Spaces
Sep-09 £539 Limited
Sep-16 £539 Available
Sep-23 £539 Available
Sep-30 £487 Sold Out
Oct-07 £487 Available

Premier Plus – per person

May-20 £536 Sold Out
May-27 £536 Sold Out
Jun-03 £536 Sold Out
Jun-10 £587 Last Spaces
Jun-17 £587 Sold Out
Jun-24 £634 Available
Jul-01 £651 Last Spaces
Jul-08 £651 Sold Out
Jul-15 £651 Sold Out
Jul-22 £659 Sold Out
Jul-29 £659 Sold Out
Aug-05 £651 Sold Out
Aug-12 £651 Last Spaces
Aug-19 £651 Sold Out
Aug-26 £651 Sold Out
Sep-02 £651 Last Spaces
Sep-09 £592 Available
Sep-16 £592 Limited
Sep-23 £592 Available
Sep-30 £536 Sold Out
Oct-07 £536 Sold Out

Catamaran – per person

May-20 £600 Sold Out
May-27 £600 Sold Out
Jun-03 £600 Sold Out
Jun-10 £658 Sold Out
Jun-17 £658 Sold Out
Jun-24 £711 Sold Out
Jul-01 £730 Sold Out
Jul-08 £730 Sold Out
Jul-15 £730 Sold Out
Jul-22 £738 Sold Out
Jul-29 £738 Sold Out
Aug-05 £730 Sold Out
Aug-12 £730 Sold Out
Aug-19 £730 Sold Out
Aug-26 £730 Sold Out
Sep-02 £730 Sold Out
Sep-09 £663 Available
Sep-16 £663 Limited
Sep-23 £663 Limited
Sep-30 £600 Sold Out
Oct-07 £600 Sold Out

Book Croatia Discovery

A pre-departure tax of £65pp applies to all bookings.
The above itinerary and sailing route is subject to change dependent on weather and prevailing conditions.


Terms & Conditions

Getting there

You can fly direct to Split with many carriers. On arrival there is a 10 minute transfer bus available to our marina. For more details on this service and how to get to the marina, please see your pre-departure documents.

UK to Split Flight Options (London) (London & Bristol) (London) (Manchester) (London)

Europe to Split Flight Options (Paris, Barcelona) (Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Vienna) (Berlin, Cologne) (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm) (Stockholm, Gothenburg)

Located 180km north of Split, Zadar offers a potentially budget saving alternative to flying into Split. The majority of guests fly into Zadar on the Friday night and have the chance to enjoy what is voted Croatia’s most romantic town. The next morning you can take the bus to Split which costs around £12 per person.

UK to Zadar Flight Options (London) (London)

Europe to Zadar Flight Options

Guests who choose to visit Dubrovnik often fly into Zadar or Split before the start of their sailing holiday and then visit Dubrovnik on completion of the holiday. Arriving in Dubrovnik early on Friday evening you will have plenty of time to explore throughout the weekend before flying out on Sunday.

UK to Dubrovnik Flight Options (London) (London) (London) (Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh & Belfast) (Birmingham) (London, Birmingham, Manchester) (London)