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Greece Route



  • Witness ancient Athens, including the world-famous Acropolis
  • Go wakeboarding, paragliding or waterskiing in stunning Poros
  • Hire a scooter to explore Spetses’ stunning coastline
  • Taste the Saronic Islands’ best seafood in traditional tavernas
  • Snorkel Ermioni to experience a stunning underwater world
  • Swim in crystal-clear waters in secluded bays

What’s Included

  • 7 days’ accommodation onboard your own yacht
  • Breakfast and lunch prepared fresh every day
  • No extra charges: bring your own drinks onboard
  • Drinking water supplied by MedSailors
  • Learn how to sail with your qualified skipper
  • Hire your own yacht with friends or book as a solo traveller or couple
  • Paddleboards free of charge
  • Discounted day trips, wakeboarding and quad biking






ATHENS – Day 1

Athens is one of the world’s oldest named cities and, with the Acropolis and Parthenon, it’s bursting with history. Take part in one of the city’s famed walking tours or practice your people watching skills in one of the city’s many cafes. In the afternoon make your way to our marina in Alimos, where you can meet your fellow sailors ready for departure at 3pm.



Our first port of call is the quaint village of Perdika, perched on the idyllic eastern shores of Aegina island. Sample the Saronic Islands’ best seafood, and spend the afternoon paddleboarding, splashing around the crystal-clear water, wanding around the pretty bay before heading to the taverna-lined harbour for a Greek feast.




Steeped in fascinating history, the enchanting village of Ermioni is our next destination. Having been inhabited since 3,000BC, there’s plenty to explore. Go snorkelling in jaw-droppingly beautiful Bisti, an underwater archaeological site, drink sunset cocktails on board your yacht, then feast on Greek delicacies in the lively town.




Romantic Spetses offers something for everyone; the iconic Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos for history lovers, Paradise Beach for sun-worshippers, and scooter hire for the adventurous. We’ll stay here overnight, so wander its enchanting old town where you’ll find lively bars and clubs – or head to the beach for a late-night party!



HYDRA – Day 4

Our next stop is the gem of the Aegean. With a ban on wheeled vehicles, romantic Hydra uses donkeys as its main means of transport. Spend the afternoon swimming and paddleboarding around the stunning bay before wandering the Greek island’s narrow cobbled backstreets – and watch the best sunset in Greece!



POROS – Day 5

After taking part in the fun MedSailors regatta, we sail to the tiny Greek island of Poros, famed for its wild lemon trees, Poseidon’s Temple ruins and watersports! Spend the afternoon zipping along the Aegean Sea wakeboarding, waterskiing or parasailing before sampling some of the best Greek food – and cocktails – on the island.




On the final night of your sailing Greece holiday, we’ll moor on the idyllic Greek island of Agistri, near the stunning Aegina. Here, hire a scooter to explore the rugged coastline, or jump on a diving tour to explore the underwater ruins of shipwreck Avantis III. Then, don your finest toga for a fun fancy dress party holiday finale!



ATHENS – Day 7

After a refreshing morning swim in the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, we’ll set sail for our final destination on your island-hopping sailing trip. We’ll arrive back in Athens in plenty of time for you to explore this amazing Greek capital.


Optional Tour


Ask us about our optional transfers to the beautiful island of Mykonos on Friday afternoons. With its picturesque white villages and legendary all night parties, this island is the perfect way to round off your sailing holiday before heading home. The transfer will depart from Athens at 5pm and take around 4 hours.



Jump on board

Our yachts are modern sailing boats, which means they use the wind to move – giving you the full-on, authentic sailing experience. And it will be skippered by a fully qualified, professional sailor. If you wish, they will be happy to teach you how to sail during your holiday!


Our well-appointed Premier yachts are classic cruisers that offer all the comforts you could expect. Launched between 2003 and 2009 they feature big sunbathing decks, swimming platforms and above deck dining areas.

Premier Plus

Our Premier Plus yachts are perfect for those looking for a yacht holiday a cut above the rest. Typically launched between 2010 and 2016, they are a similar size and layout to the Premier range but offer a more modern and sleek design.


Catamarans are ideal for those who want to experience the ultimate in yachting life. With a large deck space and living area, they offer modern, spacious surroundings with a touch of luxury.


Ready to go?

See below for our individual rates for both our Premier and Premier Plus yachts. If you’ve got a group of eight or more friends, you can get your own yacht and take advantage of our group booking discounts!

2017 – PRICES

Departure Premier — per person Premier Plus — per person Catamaran — per person Average temp °C
May-13 £476 Sold Out £524 Sold Out £587 Sold Out 26
May-20 £476 Sold Out £524 Sold Out £587 Sold Out 26
May-27 £476 Sold Out £524 Sold Out £587 Sold Out 29
Jun-03 £476 Sold Out £524 Sold Out £587 Sold Out 29
Jun-10 £523 Last Spaces £576 Last Spaces £645 Last Spaces 30
Jun-17 £523 Sold Out £576 Last Spaces £645 Available 32
Jun-24 £555 Sold Out £611 Sold Out £684 Sold Out 30
Jul-01 £570 Sold Out £627 Sold Out £702 Sold Out 33
Jul-08 £570 Sold Out £627 Sold Out £702 Sold Out 34
Jul-15 £570 Sold Out £627 Sold Out £702 Sold Out 31
Jul-22 £585 Sold Out £644 Last Spaces £721 Sold Out 35
Jul-29 £585 Sold Out £644 Sold Out £721 Sold Out 35
Aug-05 £570 Sold Out £627 Sold Out £702 Sold Out 32
Aug-12 £570 Sold Out £627 Sold Out £702 Sold Out 34
Aug-19 £570 Sold Out £627 Sold Out £702 Sold Out 30
Aug-26 £570 Last Spaces £627 Sold Out £702 Sold Out 30
Sep-02 £570 Last Spaces £627 Last Spaces £702 Sold Out 29
Sep-09 £523 Sold Out £576 Available £645 Sold Out 27
Sep-16 £523 Available £576 Limited £645 Sold Out 30
Sep-23 £523 Available £576 Sold Out £645 Last Spaces 27
Sep-30 £476 Limited £524 Available £587 Last Spaces 27
Oct-07 £476 Available £524 Limited £587 Available 27

2017 – PRICES

Premier – per person

May-13 £476 Sold Out
May-20 £476 Sold Out
May-27 £476 Sold Out
Jun-03 £476 Sold Out
Jun-10 £523 Last Spaces
Jun-17 £523 Sold Out
Jun-24 £555 Sold Out
Jul-01 £570 Sold Out
Jul-08 £570 Sold Out
Jul-15 £570 Sold Out
Jul-22 £585 Sold Out
Jul-29 £585 Sold Out
Aug-05 £570 Sold Out
Aug-12 £570 Sold Out
Aug-19 £570 Sold Out
Aug-26 £570 Last Spaces
Sep-02 £570 Last Spaces
Sep-09 £523 Sold Out
Sep-16 £523 Available
Sep-23 £523 Available
Sep-30 £476 Limited
Oct-07 £476 Available

Premier Plus – per person

May-13 £524 Sold Out
May-20 £524 Sold Out
May-27 £524 Sold Out
Jun-03 £524 Sold Out
Jun-10 £576 Last Spaces
Jun-17 £576 Last Spaces
Jun-24 £611 Sold Out
Jul-01 £627 Sold Out
Jul-08 £627 Sold Out
Jul-15 £627 Sold Out
Jul-22 £644 Last Spaces
Jul-29 £644 Sold Out
Aug-05 £627 Sold Out
Aug-12 £627 Sold Out
Aug-19 £627 Sold Out
Aug-26 £627 Sold Out
Sep-02 £627 Last Spaces
Sep-09 £576 Available
Sep-16 £576 Limited
Sep-23 £576 Sold Out
Sep-30 £524 Available
Oct-07 £524 Limited

Catamaran – per person

May-13 £587 Sold Out
May-20 £587 Sold Out
May-27 £587 Sold Out
Jun-03 £587 Sold Out
Jun-10 £645 Last Spaces
Jun-17 £645 Available
Jun-24 £684 Sold Out
Jul-01 £702 Sold Out
Jul-08 £702 Sold Out
Jul-15 £702 Sold Out
Jul-22 £721 Sold Out
Jul-29 £721 Sold Out
Aug-05 £702 Sold Out
Aug-12 £702 Sold Out
Aug-19 £702 Sold Out
Aug-26 £702 Sold Out
Sep-02 £702 Sold Out
Sep-09 £645 Sold Out
Sep-16 £645 Sold Out
Sep-23 £645 Last Spaces
Sep-30 £587 Last Spaces
Oct-07 £587 Available

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A pre-departure tax of £65pp applies to all bookings.
The above itinerary and sailing route is subject to change dependent on weather and prevailing conditions.


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Getting there

With a large international airport, Athens is well supported with significant European flight links.

The closest airport to our base in Athens is Athens International Airport. On arrival there is 50 minute bus service to our marina. For more details on this service and how to get to the marina, please see your pre-departure documents.

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