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Turkey Voyager
Sailing Route Guide

Your Essential Guide

Planning a Turkey sailing holiday on our Turkey Voyager route? Check out our guide to explore all of the important trip details and help you plan an epic sailing adventure.

Meeting Point

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Fethiye harbour in Turkey
Yacht Classic Hotel, Fethiye

Your meeting point will be at the Yacht Classic Hotel, Fethiye.

Our team will be waiting to meet you here on Saturday from 11 am. You can drop your bags off, meet the crew, and get ready for your trip. Arriving early will give you plenty of time to head to the local supermarket and pick up your favourite drinks and snacks.

You will board your yacht between 1pm and 3pm. We recommend arriving at the marina no later than 2pm.

We recommend downloading WhatsApp as your main point of contact with the crew before and during your trip! If you are running late or need to contact the team, please use this number: +44 203 637 0071

From your meeting point, you will head to your yacht for check-in, meet your Skipper, get settled, and complete the safety briefing onboard your yacht.

Your yacht will arrive at your final stop, Fethiye, between 1pm and 3pm on the following Friday. Final check-out will be at 5pm.

Your yacht will arrive at your final stop, Fethiye, between 1pm and 3pm on the following Friday. Final check-out will be at 5pm.

Getting There

Fethiye harbour in Turkey

Fethiye is located 50km from Dalaman International Airport and can easily be reached within an hour. From the Airport, you have the choice of taking a private taxi or the Havas shuttle bus.

Private Taxi

Private taxi services are readily available for hire directly outside the Arrivals Terminal.

Expect to pay the following rates:

  • Taxi: 1 to 4 passengers – €40
  • Mini-bus: Up to 8 passengers – €50
Havas Shuttle Bus (approx €3 per person)

The Havas shuttle service from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye departs 25 minutes after aircraft arrival times. You can find this shuttle service directly outside the Arrivals Terminal and you can purchase a ticket upon arrival. Get off the bus in central Fethiye and take a short taxi to your meeting point.

Before You Go

Budgeting Tips


As a rule you will find that the prices in Turkey are no different than other major European destinations such as France, Germany or Italy, so keep that in mind when you are budgeting for your sailing holiday.

To help you make the most of your sailing experience in this beautiful country, we recommend (as a guide) 1600-1900 Turkish Lira (€50-€60) per day to cover your evening meal and drinks, excluding any activities (see below for more info on pricing for activities).

Please note that some restaurants and activities only accept cash. We recommend withdrawing between 6000 – 7000 Turkish Lira to use in these instances. This can be done in one transaction in Fethiye or you could withdraw half in Fethiye and the remainder in Gocek if you would prefer.


At least 2 of the evenings of your sailing holiday we will overnight in a secluded bay, where the moorings are owned by a local restaurant. It is customary on these nights for guests to eat at the restaurant, and according to local traditions, the Skipper will enjoy a complimentary meal.

These kinds of restaurants are very common along this coast and typically will have higher prices than restaurants in larger villages. They are an essential part of sailing in Turkey, and we choose to visit these restaurants to allow guests access to stunning areas that larger boats and tours do not have access to. This provides support to communities that rely on tourism for their income and also gives us a chance to come together as a flotilla and get to know guests on other yachts.


In the yachting industry, it is customary to tip your Skipper. If you feel that your Skipper has done an awesome job during your week onboard, please feel free to tip them at the end of the week, the industry standard is 5 – 10% of the trip cost. Similarly, it is customary to consider tipping up to 10% for a meal at restaurants throughout Turkey.


Some ports where we dock are a short trip via water taxi or transfer from the main town. The reason we park here is because it is not practical to dock in the main town, or regulations do not allow it. The taxi cost is nominal (€10 per person, one way). Please note some services have a minimum capacity so make sure you group together to make this as cheap as possible.

Boat Life

Route Activities

All optional activities are organised and paid for during the week in the local currency.

Sustainable Sailing

Group of women on some floaties in Croatia

At MedSailors, we are committed to continuous improvements in environmental, economic & social sustainability and want to ensure we all travel more responsibly on and off the water. Here are some ideas on how you can help us leave smiles not waste.


One of the biggest environmental issues today is plastic and sadly the hardest hit is our beautiful ocean. We ask that you minimise your use of plastic whilst on holiday with us by packing a reusable tote bag to use when shopping and also saying no to pointless plastics during the trip.

We also ask that you pack a reusable water bottle for the trip!


To reduce plastic, we are recycling our past guest’s floaties! For a small donation, we have a limited selection of lilos, rings, unicorns, and even the odd pineapple available at check-in. All proceeds will go to a local charity, so you get a great deal, a super floaty and we are protecting our oceans!


If you can, please bring ocean-friendly products to use on board the yachts – this means eco-friendly sun creams, soaps, deodorants, and so on. With so much time spent in the water, we want to make sure we are keeping our ocean as pristine as possible and clean for our future guests (and generations)!

Safety at Sea

Local Payment

MedSailors yachts anchored in a beautiful bay

There is a local payment of €125 per person, this covers all your yacht’s running costs including the marina fees, local taxes, the yacht’s fuel, the damage deposit waiver, and the charter pack.

All local payments must be paid in Euro(€) currency.

You can make this payment in advance of your holiday or at check-in using the link below.

Please remember to keep your receipt to show to your Skipper and Host at check-in.

Get in touch

If you have any further questions about your trip, please email sales@medsailors.com or book in a call with one of our team. If you or anyone you are travelling with has any particular health needs or allergies let us know.

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