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Why 2021 is the Year to Get the Squad Back Together

By Ryan Brown
on  April 15, 2021

Call on your friends, it’s time to get the old squad back together!

We’re sure that there was a point in 2020 when we can all relate to gazing longingly out a window remembering good times with groups of friends, amazing travel memories, jet setting to new countries on a whim, or simply being able to grab a coffee from our favourite cafe. We all looked out the window wondering when life will return to “normal” or at least when the lockdowns will end and we can visit our friends and family.

Totally guilty of watching every Netflix series in existence as well…

Some of us remember waking up to a gentle rocking and looking out the yacht window to find the bright sun dancing off the shimmering Mediterannean water and jumping up to go for the first swim of the day. Those were the days we might have thought, or when can we get back to that boat life!

It’s Time To Feed That Wanderlust Again

2021 is already looking much more positive and optimistic than 2020 with promising vaccines as a beacon of hope during a very tough time. And the potential for travel to open up again safely.

Summer is looking brighter than ever…

That’s exactly why we think 2021 is the time to get your mates back together and start planning for an adventure — a group holiday that is memorable and gives you all the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while catching up in one of these amazing sailing destinations. The kind of trip deserving of a reunion in 2021.

And we can’t think of a better way than getting your best friends together on a yacht sailing around the beautiful Mediterranean. 

MedSailors guests floating on a paddleboard

The importance of quality time with friends is now more apparent than ever

We could have never guessed that casually hanging out with our friends would be at risk when 2020 began, let alone shutting down any chance of seeing them. There were video chats for a while and weekly catch-ups, but it was never the same. 

Now, we’ll probably never take quality time together for granted again. 

The lockdowns and travel restrictions definitely brought into focus what really matters in life, what matters when we can explore the world again, and what matters when we spend time with family and friends.

It makes it even more important that when we can FINALLY catch up or travel with friends that it’s a worthy trip that gives ample opportunity to hang out and make up for lost time. 


MedSailors guest sailing on a yacht

Opt For Quality Experiences Over Quantity

The experience that sailing around for a week with friends provides is at the very soul of MedSailors, and why it was founded after all. To give the opportunity for a deep-down true adventure. A shared experience you will reminisce about for a lifetime. Something extraordinary and different and unique. And still, to this day it’s what makes the sailing experience so memorable. 

Just you and your squad on your own yacht catching up in some remote bay — it doesn’t get much better than that.

Imagine you and your friends after a whole year apart exploring some of the most breathtaking and captivating European destinations in a unique way. All of you experiencing parts of a stunning region only accessible by boat while indulging in local culture and food together and visiting world wonders in an intimate way. That’s what a group holiday with your friends looks like on MedSailors. 

Whether you want to explore every stop to its fullest, simply relax and play cards, or chat until you lose your voices — having a yacht to yourselves offers up any kind of squad reunion you can dream up.


MedSailors guests drinking wine at Hora vineyard in Croatia

Local is The Way Forward

All of our personal worlds were rocked around the globe to varying degrees, and those people around the globe who rely on tourism for a living were especially affected by the travel industry coming to a halt.

We’ve all found out how important it is to keep small local businesses afloat as this is what makes our own hometowns special. And now it’s more important than ever to choose experiences with a local focus when travelling around the world. 

MedSailors has always been about trying to find the most local experiences possible for those who sail with us to give the ability to connect with local people, their cultures, and the soul of a destination versus the most popular or biggest tourist attraction. 

And now more than ever small local businesses around the world, the ones that give you a much richer experience, should be an important part of travel planning. 

Our local friends in each wonderful destination we sail to around the Med have voiced just how much they have missed having the MedSailors crew come to their homes in 2020 — missed sharing their way of life and what they are passionate about. Simply missed sharing a moment with you and becoming friends. 

Like Jason and his family-run watersports who zip you around on biscuits while you laugh until you cry in Poros. Thanos the cocktail mastermind in Ermioni waiting to see the “WOW” fill your face when you taste his latest concoction. Ana bursting with joy when she tells you about the historic vineyard at a wine tasting in the breathtaking Stari Grad plain. And so many more. They all can’t wait for you and your squad to come and create some new incredible memories together again. 

We’ve Got Your Squad Covered

We are all looking forward and counting down the days until we can get together with mates again for one helluva adventure together, and we think 2021 is the year we can. Fingers and toes crossed! But we also know how iffy it can feel, so you can check out our flexible booking options to make sure you’re covered no matter what with your travel plans.

It’s time to convene with your squad and plan out a reunion to get back together for the most unforgettable sailing holiday you all deserve. Seas the day and book your group holiday with MedSailors today!

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