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Which Top Mediterranean Destination Should You Sail: Croatia or Greece?

By Ryan Brown
on  January 28, 2020

We know why you’re here, and it’s okay — we’re here to help. You’re here because there is a stalemate in your mind, a seemingly endless battle comparing pros and cons between Greece or Croatia and the crushing potential of what-ifs or anxiety-inducing FOMO if the wrong choice is made.

Which one is better?! Take a deep breath and let out a long sigh — everything will be fine any way you choose.

For starters, which one is better is the wrong questions to ask. The better question would be which sailing route is right for you, MedSailors Greece our MedSailors Croatia.

We can tell you this for certain: We can’t think of any cons that pop into mind if you choose to either sail in Greece or Croatia.

One thing we can assist with is untangling the spaghetti plate of thoughts about which to choose based on what suits you best. Because after all, every MedSailors route has its own unique characteristics just like you have yours.

To help you with that hard choice, we’ve put together a quick guide that lists our favourite attributes unique to those countries to make the best pairing possible.

Grab your swimmers and let’s jump in.

MedSailors guests sailing Croatia

Greece in a Pistacchio Shell

The moment you see those cobalt blue domed rooftops and whitewashed buildings climbing precariously up mountainsides of the Greek Islands, those butterflies in the stomach start their flapping about. The thought of sailing the Greek islands have always held an air of wonder in most, all the way from the age of myth and Greek antiquity until now, and there’s a good reason for it.

Throw a stone and you’ll hit a historic ruin (but don’t though 🤪 ). Wander down any alleyway and you’ll discover the next this-is-the-best-meal-of-my-life feast that will leave you licking your lips and recounting the foodgasms to all who will listen. And the people! Those unbelievably friendly Greeks you’ll meet that, when you leave, you’ll have been invited to two weddings and considered a part of the family on multiple occasions.

Let’s Talk About That Greek Food

Imagine yourself surrounded by good company and endless plates of delicious food. Pass the saganaki cheese please, oh and squeeze that lemon all over it! I’ll take some of that salad! Of course I want some, feta makes it betta! More courgette balls over here! Alllll the tzatziki, I could live on that stuff!

It’s kind of like that at most dinners out. Given the emphasis in their culture of friends, family, and community — the mezze is one of our favourite aspects of eating out in Greece and integral to the experience. Everyone shares everything, and wine flows as endless as the conversations and the food.

But we can’t forget the budget savior of our wallets and late-night cravings: The gyros. Slow-cooked chicken, lamb, or grilled halloumi smothered in yogurt sauce and feta and cuddled with a warm grilled pita. Heaven in your hand, and it’s under €3. I’ll take two, please!

Small Towns, Big Character

The islands that MedSailors visits around the Ionian and Saronic routes lean toward the smaller side of things, for good reason. Though Mykonos and Santorini grace every Top Ten Greece list, we find the smaller towns and fishing villages have much more character to offer.

You’ll have a lovelier and truer local experience and still have heaps to do. Smaller doesn’t mean less, but it does mean fewer tourists! We’ll take you to islands that Greeks choose as summer getaways, which is always a good sign, and you won’t have to fight your way through throngs of people to enjoy it with ample places still to have a great night out and boogie down.

MedSailors guests in Greece

Greece is for you if you like:

– Big family feasts and colourful food galore
– Ancient history abound. Like ancient-ancient history
– Smaller picturesque towns and fishing villages
– Amazing local interactions and Greek hospitality
– Continuing on to explore Mykonos, Santorini, and other Greek islands

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Where to Start With Captivating Croatia?

Your neck will ache from craning upwards so much gaping at the great limestone walled towns of the Venetian Empire prime straight out of fairytale. Sitting on the edge of a fortification, some kind of delightful cocktail in hand, and a delicious orange and raspberry sorbet coloured sunset melting into the sapphire hued waters of Croatia.

Sounds pretty magical, huh? It is.

To say that Croatia feels like a fantasy destination is an understatement, and it’s no wonder why Croatia is a hotspot for movie and tv film locations these days. The towns and landscapes feel grandiose and evoke that jaw dropping awe.

How About Some Dalmatian Cuisine?

The specialty dishes you’ll dive into while sailing around the Croatian islands are Dalmatian cuisine, getting the name from the region we explore. So what does that mean? Dalmatian cuisine is big on fire, with most mains cooked in either smoldering hot brick ovens or over the big flames of a grill. Their specialties are traditional dishes like grilled fish, octopus, and meats that come with a tasty assortment of sides.

The must-try of these is peka, either lamb,veal, or octopus that is slow-cooked with vegetables for hours in a cast-iron covered pan in hot coals…guaranteed to be one of the most delicious meals of your life.

Nights out on the Town

If you fancy getting lost in larger towns and capping a day of exploring off with a big night out, Croatia has plenty to offer. Its become a big destination for their music festival scene, and there’s never a shortage of exciting cocktail bars and lively dance bars tucked away in ancient alleyways or inside fortresses. You can sip drinks atop of a stone watchtower or dance the night away in a 15th-century alley if you want. The choice, and the night, is yours.

MedSailors guests in Croatia

Croatia is for you if you like:

– Old Venetian history, fantastical towns, big nightlife – Dalmatian cuisine of grilled meats and seafood
– Easy access to other Balkans countries
– Linking up to a Wild Kiwi Tours adventure

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Feeling confident about which country suits you best for your summer 2020 sailing holiday? Book your MedSailors adventure today and get amped!

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