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Top 5 Perks of Group Trips

By Ryan Brown published on 26 May 2021

When you hop on group trips like a sailing holiday, there are heaps of benefits. Exciting itineraries. Shared planning. Lower costs. Less stress. Close friends along for the experience. New friendships born.

We’re going to break down both the Top 5 perks of group trips with friends or getting on one to make new ones, and why each are excellent options for travel this summer. Let’s dive in!

1. Group Trips = Less Stress

When you’re figuring out a trip by yourself, all of the burden of research, planning, booking, budgeting and more is entirely on you. Nobody likes stressing out about something that is meant to be awesome and care-free, but it’s inevitable when you’re planning a whole trip solo and doing everything on your own. The anxiety of going through every detail and the possibility of second-guessing it all together. Trust us, we’ve been there and we don’t want that.

And after a pretty stressful 2020, we all deserve a little less stress and anxiety.

With group trips, you join an itinerary or route and the brunt of the work is done. Each stop or destination has different activities and things to do on offer, and the guides (or in our case the skipper) knows them in and out. You don’t have to fuss with trying to find what to do, just the hard choice of which awesome thing to do at that moment!

Of course, there’s also the ease of having a skipper and guest experience leader who knows each destination intimately, with the scoop on what the best activities and attractions are or where the best places are to have a drink and a bite to eat!

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2. Group Trips Are The Best For Travel On A Budget

Going it alone usually means going it alone for expenses too. When you travel with friends, or book onto a group trip, many of the costs you’d normally be stuck with alone come down drastically.

For those getting their squad together for an adventure, this is a massive plus.

If you grab a yacht for you and your squad, you can save tons by taking advantage of group discounts when available or shared deposits. Upfront costs drop enormously. And when you and your mates are exploring before or after your sailing holiday, this means guest houses and BnBs will be much cheaper when shared.

If you’re traveling alone, no worries!

You won’t have to figure out taxis, ferries, and hotels just to explore the destination you’ve traveled to for every leg of the journey, meaning it saves you plenty of cash. Your bed is on the boat and you can sit back while sailing to the next stop with no worries and hold onto your money to indulge in all that delicious local cuisine.

And as always, having brekkie and lunch included with BYO snacks and drinks helps you save money for all those epic activities on our routes you’ll want to jump on!

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3. Shared Experiences Make For Better Experiences

Have you ever had an incredible travel experience or some kind of unforgettable adrenaline rush and wished you could have shared that glorious and epic moment with your mates?

After accomplishing something, however big or small, it feels incredible to share that vibe with everyone around you.

Feeling the empowerment of conquering feats individually is definitely great, but there are certain experiences and moments that are enormously better when shared. And on a group trip, you often discover new things about yourself or try something you would have never thought to.

Traveling with groups helps you break out of your comfort zone with that shared confidence of “if you do it, I will”. And who knows, you just might discover the adrenaline junky or hidden foodie inside!

4. It’s Super Easy to Make New Friends

One of the hardest aspects of travel can be meeting new friends, and meeting like-minded travelers. Or even just getting up the courage to approach people to talk to. On group trips, it’s a laid-back social environment and everyone is in the same boat (pun intended) so meeting people is a breeze.

While sailing around the beautiful Med on a yacht with others, the freeing and exhilarating vibe that life at sea brings helps everyone drop their barriers. More often than not, you’ll become amazing friends and end up making besties for life or planning out your next sailing holiday together!

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5. A Yacht To Yourselves Is Next Level #LifeGoals

There’s simply nothing like relaxing on the bow of a boat basking in the sun with a cold drink in hand, anchored in some indescribably breathtaking remote bay with a group of great people. All of you having a laugh, competing in our paddleboard race together, having a go at sailing, or bunched up on a biscuit zipping around a bay trying not to be the first to fall off.

But it’s true, sailing around with friends you came with, or ones you made on the trip, is one of the most unique shared travel experiences one can have. And one that you all are bound to be talking about for years to come.

Whether you all want a relaxing holiday, an adventurous one, or a bit of both — you can explore a new place with like-minded people who all share the same idea for what they want out of the holiday, or are totally cool with going with the flow of the group! A no dramas kind of holiday all around, which is the best kind.

If you’re looking for a one-click kind of awesome group trip without the stress of planning everything yourself, book onto a MedSailors sailing holiday today for an unforgettable adventure!

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