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10 Reasons To Escape To The Italian Islands

By Lucy Bradley
on  February 06, 2018

If you’re yet to put together your list of things you would most like to do in 2018, allow us to tempt you into putting ‘embarking on a MedSailors Italy sailing trip of a lifetime’ right at the very top. Honestly, you’ll love it — here are a few reasons why!

Swim in Italy - Dive into the deep on a sailing trip

1. The Crystal-Clear Waters are Irresistible

From paddleboarding on top of the waves to diving and snorkelling beneath them, we’ve pencilled in regular swim spots throughout our itinerary because we can’t resist the temptation of the sparkling Aeolian Sea.

2. Soak in that Mediterranean Sunshine on your MedSailors Italy Adventure

You’ve got to keep those vitamin D levels topped up somehow, right?!

3. Hire a Vespa and Explore

Feel the wind rushing by as you explore the winding country roads of Lipari and Salina.

4. Hike Europe’s Most Active Volcano

Feeling the rumbling beneath your feet is quite something.

5. The Food

We could go on forever here, but just trust us when we say every dining opportunity is such a treat and yes, you’re definitely going to be flooding your Instagram feed with an array of foodie snaps!

6. Explore Vulcano’s Hot Springs and Mud Baths

As well as being extraordinary feats of nature, they’re also super therapeutic.

7. Learn the Ropes on your Sailing Trip

Your qualified skipper will teach you how to sail as you make your way from island to island and soak in those gloriously endless stunning sea views.

8. Test your Palate on a Wine Tasting Tour in Salina

The island of Salina is renowned for the Malvasia grape, which produces some of the finest sweet wine you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. Take a tour of a local vineyard and learn all about the processes involved in making this world-famous favourite.

9. Wanna Have a Beach BBQ Under the Stars with your New Sailing Pals?

We got you!

10. Lounge Ocean-Side

How does sitting back and chilling out on a soft volcanic sandy beach, with a cocktail in hand as the waves softly lap against the shoreline sound? Pretty epic, right?

Sail Italy and enjoy beachfront bars - The best things to do this year


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