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5 Reasons You Need To Sail Italy On Your Next Trip To Europe

By Alicia Sharp
on  March 21, 2019

When embarking on a magical holiday to Europe there’s always plenty of decisions to be made – one of the hardest ones is usually something along the lines of “which countries should we go to?”

With so many incredible places to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down to the places you think are an absolute must.

In case it’s not on your radar yet, here’s why we think sailing Italy should definitely be at the top of your ‘must-do’ list for your next trip to Europe.

Explore untamed beauty

Europe is no doubt a hot travel destination for wanderlusters and it is becoming increasingly harder to find unique untouched locations to explore while you’re there.

We’re not here to tell you that Italy is untouched, as it’s unique architecture and incredible beauty is definitely widely known, but, more specifically, to put the spotlight on the Aeolian Islands as an area that is still yet to be touched by the majority of tourism.

Sailing around the UNESCO listed Aeolian Islands is an incredibly unique way to explore some of the untamed beauty of Italy. From admiring sweeping volcanic landscapes and cute colourful villages only accessible to those on a boat, to discovering incredible snorkelling spots and remote beaches to plant your tush on – sailing Italy is the perfect way to indulge in the untamed beauty and local culture of Italy without the usual crowds – for now!

Every day is different

Variety is the spice of life which is why stepping ashore and finding yourself on a new island every day never gets old, especially when each island is completely unique with a new adventure to be had and local culture to indulge in.

From watching lava after a sunrise volcano hike on Stromboli to bathing in natural mud baths amongst Vulcano’s moody landscape. Hire a Vespa to explore the colourful beauty and wildflower meadows of Salina before exploring secluded sea springs and coves in Lisca Bianca – the experiences to be had and memories to be made on an Italian sailing adventure are endless.

You might even discover some hobbies you never knew you had!

It really is the perfect balance

Sit back and relax, enjoy daily swims in the ocean, learn to sail or adventure till your hearts content – you get to pick how you want to choose your days with options and variety at the ready.

It’s the ultimate way to get the best out of everything that Italy has to offer.

Connect with kindred spirits

There’s something special about sharing new adventures and making memories with other like-minded travellers and you will definitely witness this while embarking on a MedSailors sailing adventure in Italy.

As MedSailors match you with like-minded legends to share your adventure with, you’ll be sure to forge some super meaningful relationships, leaving your holiday with a bunch of new mates from all over the world.

Set sail for a week of memory making with people who have a similar idea about how they like to spend their time and boost your confidence by surrounding yourself with people who share your passions and ideologies.

Experience the absolute best of Italian Cuisine

Don’t worry, we weren’t going to finish this without commenting on the delicious food and wine you will get to indulge yourself in!

If like us, you’ve got a big place in your heart for carbs and wine, we can guarantee you will find yourself in seventh heaven while sailing around Italy. Don’t believe us? Check out our Survival Guide to Italy’s Top Carbs!

Food plays a huge part in everyday Italian lifestyle and we aren’t lying when we say every dining opportunity your experience in Italy will be an absolute treat –  so get ready to experience and build up an epic Insta bank of authentic Italian pizza and cheesy pasta.

Sound like a MedSailors sailing holiday through the UNESCO listed the Aeolian Islands might be something worth adding to the European bucket list? Don’t wait until the crowds catch on, book your 7-day sailing adventure with MedSailors today!

We’ll see you in Italy 👋

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