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Basic Italian Phrases To Practice Before Your Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 26, 2017

Knowing a few basic words and phrases may come in handy if you find yourself lost or in search of a particular location, but embarking on a MedSailors Italy sailing trip is also just generally a great opportunity to try something new. Italians are very accommodating and will appreciate every attempt to learn a little of their beautiful language.

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Useful Greetings for Your Sailing Trip

Whipping out your knowledge of Italian greetings will make a great impression on the locals. Italians are notoriously friendly and regard greetings and salutations as important for establishing respect.

Buongiorno [Bwohn-JOHR-noh] Hello/good morning

Ciao [Chow] An informal way of saying both hello and goodbye.

Buonanotte [Bwoh-nah-NOHT-teh] In informal way of saying goodnight.

Come stai? [KOH-meh stahy] How are you?

Bene, grazie [BEH-neh GRAH-tsee-eh] Fine, thank you.

Polite Phrases to Remember for Your MedSailors Italy Adventure

It’s important to be courteous wherever you are in the world, and these simple phrases will go a long way to help with communication and building up a rapport with whoever you’re meeting.

Per favore [pair fa-VOHR-ray] Please

Mi dispiace [mee dees-pee-YAT-cheh] I’m sorry

Prego! [PREH-goh] You’re welcome!

Mi scusi [Mee SKOOH-zee] Excuse me

A Few Basic Questions

The following questions are likely to occur regularly in everyday conversation. Whether you need some help with something or just really need the bathroom, we’ve got you covered here!

Parla Inglese? [PAR-la een-GLAY-zay] Do you speak English?

Quanto costa? [KWAN-toh COST-ah] How much does it cost?

Dov’é [doh-VAY] Where is…?

Scusi, dov’è il bagno? [SKOOH-zee doh-VEH eel BAHN-yoh] Where is the bathroom?

And Finally…

If you’re ever having any issues with communication, these two phrases are likely to catch the attention of a friendly passer-by who may be able to interject on your conversation and lend a helping hand!

Non capisco [Non ka-PEESK-koh] I don’t understand

Non parlo molto bene Italiano [Non PAR-lo MOL-to BEN-eh Italiano] I don’t speak Italian very well

Remember that you aren’t expected to be 100% fluent, just give it a try, relax and have a great time!

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