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Look Out For These 5 Incredible Italian Brunch Options

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 16, 2018

We’re sure that you don’t need us to tell you that Italian food is out-of-this-world incredible, but to tempt you into joining us on a MedSailors adventure we thought we’d put together a short list of brunchtime dishes you can expect to tuck into throughout your trip.

Sailing trips to Italy - Food and drink to make you think

You Must Sample the Pane Cunzato when Sailing in Italy

This traditional Sicilian sandwich is made with seasoned bread and filled with fresh tomatoes, anchovies and oregano, before being topped with sliced cheese and drizzled with olive oil. There will be lots of other topping options on offer too, so you’ll really be able to customise your flavours. Filling but never too heavy, this is the perfect midday dish.

You Simply Can’t Go Wrong with Spaghetti in Any of its Many Forms

Well, when so many incredible restaurants offer an array of spaghetti dishes, you’ll never regret ordering this Italian classic. Whether you choose a simple tomato and basil sauce, pesto, something cheesier, or a dish incorporating the ultra-fresh flavours of the sea, let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed.

Any Dish that Involves Freshly Grilled Fish

If you’ve never sampled a freshly grilled tuna steak, there’s no better time to give it a try than when sailing in Italy. Prepare for a flavour adventure (LOL cheesy, but there’s just no other way to describe it!) and savour every mouthful.

Enjoy Traditional Italian Street Food During your MedSailors Adventure

If you’re after a quick brunch option, keep your eyes peeled because you’ll find plenty of vendors offering delicious authentic Italian street food selections including arancini, piduni and panzerotti in various locations and at super affordable prices.

Fresh Juice and Coffee Will Begin to Run Through your Veins

There’s simply no better accompaniment to a delicious Italian brunch than freshly pressed juice and traditionally made coffee. For real though, sitting outside and soaking in your surroundings while sipping an Italian coffee is one of life’s purest joys. Come and try it, and you’ll see that no lies have been told here!

Classic Italian drinks - From brunch to after dark

Ready to dive into the authentic flavours of Sicily? Book your MedSailors Italy sailing adventure today!

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