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Experience the Best of the Mediterranean in One Country

By Ryan Brown
on  January 07, 2020

Montenegro, in our opinion, is untapped Europe at its most adventurous. And better yet, Montenegro is the best of the Mediterranean rolled into one country without the crowds.

The country has so many of the great attributes similar to our MedSailors Croatia routes; Venetian fortified towns, phenomenal cuisine, dramatic scenery, turquoise bays — but has heaps of unique aspects of its own.

It’s on the cusp of a travel boom, but for now, it’s mostly off the beaten path. And that means now is the perfect time to explore the wonderful country by sea before the crowds arrive!

It’s heaven for the outdoors lovers

You kick off the MedSailors holiday in the whimsical fortified town of Kotor, surrounded by high walls built into the foot of the jagged and looming Dinaric Alps that rise into the sky. So high in fact that it’ll hurt your neck trying to look up to the top. Rugged mountains drop straight down into bright blue waters lined by sandy beaches.

The mountains, the Orjen and Lovćen, are actually the result of millions of years of glacial melt, making the Bay of Kotor similar to a fiord. This left the region lush and green while surrounded by impossibly tall mountains that descend directly into the sea. Sailing through the bays and coastline of Montenegro is without a doubt awe-inspiring.

If you have a few days to spare on either side of the sailing holiday, you can hike through the mountains and valley, or hop on a tour that takes you along the serpentine roads into the mountains to some of Europe’s deepest canyons. Montenegro is, simply put, an outdoor playground.

It’s a place to get wild and let the adventurous spirit out

Given the diverse and dramatic landscapes around Montenegro, it’s perfect for those wanting a bit of hiking, climbing, rafting, and anything else outdoorsy you can think of! Better yet, in Budva, you have the opportunity to do one of the most adventurous and incredible experiences on a MedSailors holiday — an epic all-day canyoning tour.

Don’t worry about the jelly-legs, this isn’t an exhausting activity but it is an adrenaline-pumping one. You’ll get the chance to navigate through forests and rivers, climb your way through canyons, repel down waterfalls, and leap off cliffs into secluded lagoons while experiencing the more wild side of Montenegro.

Canyoning in Montenegro

It has a diverse and storied history fully on display

It’s an understatement to say Montenegro has an extensive and varied history. It’s been in the hands of multiple different ruling empires dating back thousands of years, with its own rich Balkans and Montenegrin cultures still intact as well. This is what makes Montenegro the perfect place for those of you who are history buffs, or just simply love to be surrounded by it.

Take Kotor, a UNESCO heritage town with fascinating Venetian architecture abound surrounded by the 20 meter high walls, massive medieval churches set in stunning town squares, and local history intertwined with Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, and more. And you’ll never stop saying “wow”. It’s easy to spend hours if not days just exploring this town, yet there is plenty more on the route.

It has fantastical sights and fortresses galore

Dubrovnik in Croatia is always in the forefront of bucket lists as a must-see place, but Montenegro has so many unbelievable historic towns and sights it’s hard to keep track of.

Just as you’re headed out of the bay near Perast, you’ll spot the captivating island church Our Lady of the Rocks that seemingly floats atop the water. Keep an eye out in the hillsides and mountains for the hidden bunkers from World War II carved into the rocks and you’ll most likely anchor up one day near an abandoned submarine cave.

While sailing along the coastline, you pass elaborate Venetian fortresses across from rounded Ottoman fortresses. In Herceg-Novi alone there is not one, not two, but three fortresses to see — the Spanish Fort, the Sea Fort, and Kanli Kula Fort, and each is just as interesting as the last. And that’s without mentioning Budva, and its medieval laneways that lead you right onto sandy beaches, sun, and sea.

See, we could go on and on!

Fortress in Montenegro

It’ll be hard to run out of things to do

Yes, we’ve just laid down the gauntlet and issued a challenge. Montenegro is so jam-packed with things to do, you’ll never find a minute of boredom. But you will find it hard to do every single one of the adventure activities up for grabs.

How about a go at parasailing with the mountains to one side and open sea to the other? Why not hop on a jet ski and zip around the amazing coastline at sunset? Take a relaxed stroll through the colourful towns and winding laneways in one of the historic coastal towns. Go for a paddleboard in one of the innumerable crystal clear bays on a breakfast or lunch stop. Get the heart beating and go for a hike through the vibrant hillsides surrounding the towns. Go deep into nature and hit the mountain canyoning. Grab a cold drink and sit seaside taking in the indescribable natural beauty.

BONUS: It’s easy to explore the Balkans after

Whether you want to hit Bosnia and Herzegovina and check out the magical town of Mostar, hike the mountain villages of Albania, or feed your Game of Thrones fantasies and visit Dubrovnik — there are so many destinations and countries to explore before out after your MedSailors holiday just hours away.

The reasons why Montenegro is one of the most adventurous and untapped places in Europe are infinite, so now its time for you to see it in real life.

Ready to experience this untapped European destination for yourself? Book your MedSailors Montenegro sailing adventure today!

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